Work in Croatia Germany

city ​​of dubrovnik
official employment
need helpers to the kitchen, waiters, maids
salary from 1000 euros, plus bonuses, bonuses and tips
free housing
any work visas

Work in a warehouse (magnify)
(earth) GERMANY, City DORTMUND🇩🇪 (earth)
Work in a warehouse for sorting textiles and food products.
(checkmark) Working conditions:
– 9 euro / hour (net)
– 8-10 h, every second working Saturday;
– after 2 months worked 10-11 euro / hour (net)
– to get to work organizes the company (50 euros deducted from wages)
– accommodation: 2-3 people in a room for free
After working week is the possibility of receiving an advance.
– registration for any work visas

ONLY ON WORKING VISAS, NEED WOMEN, men and couples. Eggenstein district leopoldshafen
Work in greenhouses from March and in the fields from April – May and until autumn
Strawberry, later raspberry!
Payment 7.15 euros per hour! HOURS VERY MUCH !!! 10-12 per day minimum
Delivery to the place of work! Payment of salary every 2 weeks, housing provide photo conditions there.

Work as a courier at the Amazon post office (Gaburg, Germany), delivering parcels by minibus (MB Vito, Traffic – driver category B).

Work on the GPS scanner. Working week 6 days, including Saturday. About 26 working days per month on average. The working day is from 8:30 to 18-19.

The salary is 70 Eur (netto) per working day; it is issued once a month on the 16th day of the production month, for the previous month worked. It is possible to negotiate an advance.

Training is not paid, ranging from three to five working days.

Accommodation is provided by the employer.
Registration on work visas

Work in Poland and Sweden

(heart) FREE VACANCY GRINDING OF POLYETHYLENE AND FOIL It takes 10 people to work in the shop sometimes on the street a working visa, up to 55 years old salary 14.50 zł 230-250 hours accommodation free medical board 150 zl at the expense of the employee, (heart) TO COSMETICS FACTORY – repair and adjustment in the process of working conveyor machines, work visa, bimetric, from 25-55 men 8 h salary 14 zlotys in 2 shifts, housing 150 zł, rights (heart)) BLOOD VACANCY FISHING FISHING PLANT, cutting packaging, breading, bimetry, visa for 50 years old women 3 people 14 zł per hour for men 16 zł per hour, work 7 days a week for 10-12 hours processing is possible, free housing (heart)) FREE VACANCY BARANS near WARSAW CONDITER, working visa, up to 45 years old, male salary PLN 17 per hour 200-240 hours, education pastry chef, free housing

We start the set.
On the fields in Sweden, the village
Asmundtorp, for the collection of strawberries we recruit men and women from 22 to 55 years old, healthy, preferably from the countryside (hard work, the collection goes in any weather).
Payment of 8 euros for sorting, processing of strawberries, the collection itself is on the chord Work alternately and in the collection and sorting. Salary from 1330 dollars to 2660 dollars in terms of Swedish crowns
Advance – EVERY WEEK.
WORK 6 days a week, Sunday optional. We work 8-12 hours. From 210 to 330 hours per month.
Accommodation Free !!!!
Work clothes – storm jackets, windbreakers, raincoats, rubber boots, boots, gloves, jeans – all of their own.
For those who have Polish visas – we take with a work visa from 2.5 months.
Work seasonal !!!!! Vegetables are possible after strawberries.

Work in Italy, Austria, France, Netherlands

Looking for a housewife and a nanny for elderly people
🙎Women up to 60 years 👵
💶 Salary from – 1200 euro / month
🏡 🥘 Housing and food at the expense of the employer 🏡
A separate room is provided
🚗 Carries the carrier to the place of work
 Work in southern Italy 

Work in Austria and France requires builders:
Gypsum plasterboards, masonry, tilers.

– any working visit
– Responsible attitude to work.

The employer offers:
– salary for 1 month is 12 euros net, from the second month 15 euros
– free accommodation!
-work of work: 8-12 hours a day, 6 days a week

The perfume warehouse in Poland needs workers. The city of Strykiv has a working visa of at least 2 months. Bet: Night 12.60zł. 11th day Hourly work for 12 hours. Accommodation free of charge Delivery of employees to the place of work!

(heart) NETHERLANDS (heart)
Need maids in apartments that are rented for rent
1. Woman is 20-45 years old
3. Availability of a working visa
4. Knowledge of English at the initial level

1.ZP 7 € / year, average price 1100-1300 € / month clean
2. Reimbursement of travel
3. Advance payment 100 € upon arrival, weekly advance of 100 €
4. Accommodation is free of charge
5. Official employment!

Cleaning apartments for rent. On average, clean 2-4 apartments per day, work schedule from 11:00 to 19:00 (possible shifting of the schedule + hour, all additional hours are paid)

Work in Germany Belgium

URGENTLY !!! Germany!
Chicken factory. Lipsk (130 km from Berlin)
Payment 10 euro / hour
Wanted husband, wives, couples. Age up to 50 years.
working visa any minimum 3 months, legal employment, we do a work permit
Dismantling chickens 1.5 – 2 kg.
Schedule 10 hours / day, 5 days a week, 2 days off.
Accommodation – FREE !!! next to the production.
The first month is work in Poland, documents are being prepared for legal work in Germany, after the first salary they are taken to Germany, the departure is at the expense of the employer ..

Work in hotels, the city of Berlin !!! Work is to clean the rooms Payment 6 € per room! Accommodation is provided free of charge. Work on any work visas, we do a work permit, a working day is 10-12 hours.

(confetti_ball) Belgium (party_popper) Antwerp (confetti_ball) Brussels (party_popper)
(prayer_hands) (prayer_hands) (prayer_hands) Urgently 5 category B drivers with any work visas
(racing_flag) The essence of the work consists in delivering Heineken beer (Heineken) to retail outlets.
(moneybag) The rate of 1800 euros per month
(angrymark) Work schedule: H 6: 00- 16:00.
(angrymark) Work 6 days a week.
(angrymark) Housing is free

GERMANY. Hamburg. ONLY ON WORKING VISAS. . need 15 people. Men and women Warehouses of sweets and other industrial products. Not a factory. Payment 10 euros per hour. 10 hours a day, 300 hours in general a month.
The apartment is a good apartment, with a salary you pay 150 euros Saturday is working. Recycling is.

👩🎓👨🎓 Work for students at German factories 🇪🇸

🏭 The work is to pack and package products at factories for the production of milk, sausage products, and bakery products
💶 Salary: from EUR 9 per hour
 Work schedule: 40 – 60 hours per week. Possible spam on weekends
💸 Advances weekly
🏣 Housing is provided free of charge In a kymant for 4 people. There are all amenities, as well as free Wi-Fi
🧥👟 Working clothes are issued
🚎 If the work is far from home, the employer provides a voyage to the company by minibus

Hotel cleaning
Hamburg, Munich
6 € per room, per day at least 20 rooms.
(it turns out approximately 1400-1700 pure in a month)
Working day from 8:00 to 15:00.
housing is free of charge
eating at your own expense.
Work on working visas
Up to 45 years old

Free Jobs in Europe

Sweden – Malmo
Work on a horse care farm
– work on any work visas, official employment
– salary 1400-1600 euros per month
– housing for free
– working day 10-12 hours
– men from 20 to 45 years
– cleaning, helping to fill in food, male farm work
– English at a conversational level

Czech Republic, Prague
Cleaning of supermarkets, offices
– men and women
– work on any work visas, official registration
– the employer makes a work card for 2 years
– salary 110 CZK per hour, housing is free

Czech Republic – Automobile Plant
There is a set of workers at the car factory
– men and women under 50
– work on the line, packaging, sorting parts
– work on any work visas, official registration, the employer makes a work card for 2 years
– salary from 100-120 CZK per hour
– accommodation is free
– 10-12 working hours per day

🔥🔥 Urgent
Hamburg, Germany
Wanted men and women, couples
Live together, work separately
Women in a chocolate factory, men in warehouses (container unloading) work on any work visas, the employer makes a work permit
salary 9-10 euro net
Working hours from 220 hours
In warehouses +10, +15 degrees, we must take warm clothes
Accommodation is free in hostels

Czech Republic, Prague
Work for drivers of category B
Work on the taxi service ubert
– salary from 1300 dollars plus percent from earnings
– free accommodation
– any work visas, make a work card for 2 years, official employment

Work in Europa

Cologne city
work on any work visas
Urgently requiring people to work on the farm
Without experience
salary the first month 1500 euros clean
Accommodation for free
Requires minimal knowledge of English or German, so farmer could understand
Schedule 160-180 hours

DENMARK!!!! Wanted interior specialists.
Payment of 12 euros net per hour.
Housing for free
Accommodation in apartments. Dovoz to work for free.
Official registration for any work visas Employer verified.

🔥Workin 🇸🇪 Sweden
We are looking for 2 drivers with spoken English, B rights, up to 50 years, 12 euros / hour, approximate salary of 1600-1800 euros.
free housing, work on any work visas

For work visas and biometrics!
Welders of all types of welding and shells!
1 month – 14 euro per hour
2.3 month -15-16 euros per hour
The apartment is paid by the employer
2-3 people live
Transport to work pay
Insurance do
#work #europa #vizas #job #free #germany #workineuropa


Requires couples, men and women to sort bottles, indoors
a salary of 9 euros per hour net
200-220 hours
Accommodation for free

Auto parts
Women men
a salary of 9 euros per hour net
200-220 hours
Accommodation for free
Work on any work visas

Wanted workers in Germany for food warehouses 6-7 cities (Food, food, drinks, etc.)
Types of jobs:
– Collection of goods on pallets;
– Availability of any work visa
– Men and women up to 50 years;
– No work experience;
– Knowledge of language is not required
The employer offers:
– The salary is 10 euro / hour (net) for the first month, after the rate is set.
– Working hours: 10-11 hours, day shift, 6 days a week;
– Official employment;
– Accommodation is free .GERMANY. Buren (near Paderborn). Proven vacancy. At work urgently need guys on the line for the manufacture and packaging of stationery. Work is not hard, learning. Official registration is. The salary is 10 euros per hour net 9-10 hour per day. Accommodation free Private house in the country like a villa !!!! In the room for 2 people. HOUSING REALLY VERY GOOD


Urgently needed
Plumbing for wiring and connection of heating
It is desirable to have a driver’s license
salary 13 euros per hour net
Accommodation provided
There are advances
Work in Berlin. Cologne
per month 3000. euro clean
Work on work visas, the employer makes a work permit

Warehouses, the city of Hamburg (Germany). Work consists in collecting orders for delivery and packing in boxes, work with the scanner. Working day 10-12 hours, 6 days per week. Salary 9-10 euro / hour (net), paid twice a month on the card. Housing is free, registration for any work visas, the employer makes a work permit

Germany, Berlin, Gonnover, Hamburg
we need workers for warehouses, reception and delivery of goods (provide training) salary is 10 euros per hour, 10-12 hours a day, accommodation is free
work on work visas for citizens of any nationality, the employer makes a work permit

Bremen, Germany
• Packaging Sorting The rejection of finished products, confectionery products, women on sticky notes, men fold the goods on pallets!
Men, women under 55
Any Working Visa !!!!!.
• It is possible to work from 8-10-12 hours per day at will.
• Payment 10 € / hour net. Saturday and Sunday optional 12 € / hour
• Free accommodation for 4 people in the room, have all the amenities

Work in Europa

⚜️ Category B drivers
▪️ Shipping postage.
▪ Language is optional.
▪️Payment 1800-2450 €
▪️Graphic 10-12h / day
▪️Housing is free
▪️ Work on any work visa
▪️ Number of seats – 7
☑️ Terms:
▪️Women and men up to 50 years
▪️Availability of any work visa
▪ Knowledge of spoken English 2 people per group (group 8-10 people)
▪️Stand 9 € / hour net, schedule Mon-Sat, 48 hours per week, recycling possible
▪️ Housing + utilities paid by employer
▪️Avance every week 200 €
▪️ Official clearance
▪️ Plus as a bonus in the first salary we return the cost of the road to Holland (no more than 150 €)
Деревянных Factory of wooden pallets
🇳🇱Netherlands, city Pannerden🇳🇱
☑️ Terms:
▪️Men and women 20-50 years old
▪️Working a work visa
▪ ️ 9 € / hour 10-12 hours per day
▪️Compensation to the Netherlands
▪️Avance 100 € on arrival, weekly advance 100 €
▪️Accommodation is free
Belgium Bruussell
We need women and men to clean up a cleaning company up to 45 years old.
Salary of 10 € per hour
8-10 working hours
Saturday is working for dinner.
housing is free of charge
Will live in an apartment.
Work on work visas
We make a work permit in Belgium.

Free Germany

GERMANY WAREHOUSE work on any work visas
Osnabruck town 11 places. women and men
Warehouse of textiles, souvenirs, cigarettes, stationery. Packaging, labeling, collecting orders in boxes. At work they bring a salary of 9-10 euros per hour, 9-10 hours a day, 6 days a week. The warehouse already employs almost 100 people. work in two shifts. In the morning to get up early for delivery the work begins at 8.30.