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If your client or you yourself are in the Schengen or European Union countries, and you have run out of any visa, and you are like a complete illegal. We can carry out full legalization and provide you with a residence permit for one of the Schengen countries. Write only on WhatsApp: +380682302486 +380967512690

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A real guest invitation from a citizen of Norway

A real guest invitation from a citizen of Norway, you will receive a short-term visa at home for 6 months with a corridor for 3 months, this citizen will answer the consul’s call and meet you at the airport

Our reliable partners

Рабочий контракт в Хорватии

Хорватия-строительство (специалисты по кладке, тротуарной плитке, отделочным работам). опыт работы на стройках желателен. заработная плата от 5000-6500 кун (520-690 евро) (сдельно, в зависимости от выполненных работ). предоставляется проживание (включая постельные принадлежности). питание не предусмотрено. Речной город – мегаполис.

Хорватия, цена трудового договора 650 евро прямого работодателя, если вам нужно поменять вакансию после приезда вашего клиента в Хорватию, это не проблема, люди очень нужны для разных объектов, предоплата в размере 150 евро, остальное оплачиваю, когда я покажу скан- копия оригинала трудового договора.

Мы работаем с агентством, которое распределяет рабочую силу по всей Хорватии, ваш клиент открывает визу и приходит в наше агентство с собеседованиями и отправляет только ту работу, которую он хочет и может выполнить. Есть много вакансий в разных сферах.

The opportunity to make a Germany work permit.

We have the opportunity to make a work permit, Germany for 1 year, what we do, for example, an Asian citizen is in Uzbekistan, the first thing we do is grant him a residence permit from one of the Schengen countries.

The first thing we do is provide, for example, a citizen of Uzbekistan with a residence permit of one of the Schengen countries Poland Hungary Slovakia does not matter. It will take from 30 to 45 working days But it can take up to 3 to a maximum of 4 months after a citizen of Uzbekistan receives a residence permit from one of the Schengen countries, my lawyer gives him a work permit Germany on the basis of a German working contract It will take time in the region of 1 month, that is, at the beginning, the first step is to obtain a residence permit of one of the Schengen countries, then my lawyer grants a work permit for Germany, after you run out of work permit for one year, my lawyer provides a blue card in Germany for  four years you will receive a German permit on the basis of a German work contract, it will be given to you, as if you are a specialist Builder, but after you receive it, you can change the vacancy, we will provide you with a vacancy of your choice absolutely legally.

After the end of the work card for one year, my lawyer will provide you with a blue card for 4 years, you will absolutely live and work in Germany for as long as you see fit.

The price of a German work permit plus a residence permit of one of the Schengen countries 3.000 euros the price of a blue card for four years 2.000 euros.

The amount does not have to be paid right away, each amount can be divided, for example, into 2 or 3 parts and you will see all the work of our company, that is, you will fully understand what your money is spent on if we need to provide the phone numbers of customers who already live in Germany according to our documents .. all questions only in WhatsApp ..

There is a contract for work, Slovakia for one year. The price is 600 euros + residence permit, in Hungary an annual contract for work is 3 weeks. The price is 600 euros + residence permit in Latvia there is a student, an invitation to continuing education courses cook + residence permit, Romania, work contract for one year 700 euros + residence permit, Bulgaria one-year work contract + residence permit, price 900 euro, Poland 100%, open visa, waiting period from 3 weeks to 2.5 months, price 450 euros, Poland contract for agricultural work for 9 months, I will do for 10 days, Poland technical courses (cook, massage, …) I will do in 10 days + residence permit with the right to work, contacts from the Czech Republic for 3 months and 2 years work card + residence permit, ESTONIA for one year, the price of the work contract is 600 euros, waiting 30 days, a contract for work in Lithuania 10 days for a specialist 600 euros + TRC code plus a queue at your consulate, for one year, Portuguese language courses for students 700 euros, an invitation to an Estonian invitation culture for one year, but using only visas for 6 months, a full set of Ukrainian tourist of their invitations, Latvian insurance for the consulate 150 euros, 2 days, SWEDEN, residence permit at the beginning of the residence permit in any of the Schengen countries after you receive the residence permit SWEDEN + work permit + vacancy there is a driver job, in the warehouse, you need specialists at the desk ONLY OFFICIAL! !!

We are able to offer agreements/contracts with all these countries. When you are sent legally to work in Schengen countries, housing is provided in most vacancies. The other example, is Lithuania agency. This building company in Lithuania is looking for plasterers and welders. They also seeking car dealers, cooks, stuff for supermarkets, tractor drivers, drivers with category C, road workers, mechanics, workers for the plant …, loggers, maids in a five-star hotel.

If you make yourself a document legally that you have a specialty of plasterer that will be enough to open a visa. The visa opening rate is high because the company has been operating for many years.

Our Czech company is in PRAGUE is a registered agency that has the right to distribute labor through the labor exchange for all vacancies . Our company helps to get a new employer and a residence permit card for 2 years

Our company has been in business for over 6 years. We have extensive experience with visas in the EU and Schengen. We are responsible for the quality of services under the contract.

Currently available vacancies:

1.Borgers (manufacture of textile parts for the automotive industry)
Place of work: Volduchy
Salary: 130 kr / hour net
Accommodation: free
Free transport to work
Shifts: morning, afternoon, night for 8 hours (7.5 hours of clean). 200+ hours per month

2.Loxxess (logistics, warehouse)
Place of work: Bor u Tachova
Salary: 120 kr / hour net
Accommodation: free
Free transport to work
Shifts: morning (the ability to walk on weekends) 9.5 hours clean, lunch is not filmed, but there are short pauses. 200+ hours per month.

3.Ideal Automotive (manufacture of parts for the automotive industry)
Place of work: Bor u Tachova
Salary: 120 kr / hour net
Accommodation: free
Free transport to work
Shifts: morning, afternoon, night for 8 hours (7.5 hours clean) Recycling is possible (16 (15 clean) hours (two shifts) and work on weekends. More than 200 hours per month.
Easy entrance test.

4.Panasonic (TV and heat pump manufacturer)
Place of work: Plzen
Salary: from 100 kr / hour net
Attendance bonus: 2300 CZK before taxes
Semi-Annual Bonus: CZK 9,800 before taxes
Bonus for work in the warehouse: 2000 CZK before taxes
Accommodation: free
Lunch: 23 CZK
Shifts: morning, afternoon at 8 o’clock (7.5 o’clock clean), two Saturdays are obligatory, the rest are optional. 200+ hours per month.

Advances possible every week 1000 – 1500 CZK


CZECH WORKING CONTRACT – We guarantee that you will receive a 100% visa, we provide a letter of application for labor in the event that you are an agency, a confirmation letter for each of your clients, full support of your client at the consulate (during the interview there will be a full instruction of questions and answers for your client, plus our employer, on the day your client submits, will call your consul and explain what exactly you need for him to work, if you do not submit all the documents that the consul requires from you and you receive a refusal, our lawyer submits an appeal and in any case we are seeking visas, we put you on the line at your consulate if you cannot do it yourself, the price is 300 euros) on the basis of this contract you receive a work visa of category D, a contract from a white company for which people of different nationalities work with this visa you can work for anyone the employer for whom you want the work contract from the direct Czech employer we make for 3 months. at the end of the visa, the client receives a residence permit for 2 years, the contract price is 600 euros; in order to create a contract from the client, you need to scan the first page of the passport and the address in English + 100 euros in advance; the contract is made in the Czech Republic for 4-5 weeks. The original contract I will send by DHL mail is paid by the client himself. You give this contract + insurance to the consulate (if necessary, I can also create insurance for you) If your country, for example, in India, Nepal, Banglidesh, Sri Lanka … has problems with the queue, then I can also register you at your consulate … A vacancy is selected individually for each client, the choice of vacancies is very large (factories, warehouses, factories, construction sites, restaurants …) housing is provided by a robot giver.
CZECH LABOR CONTRACT FOR 2 YEARS, WITH GUARANTEE OF VISA OPENING AND WITH REGISTRATION IN YOUR CONSULATE !!! the price of a 2-year contract is 600 euros. THERE IS ALSO 6-9 MONTH CZECH working contract. We do it for any citizen, any country. The term of the contract is 2-3 weeks. The contract price is 600 euros.

I will send you the original contract by DHL mail, the client pays for the mail himself. You give this contract + insurance to the consulate (if necessary, I can also create insurance for you) If your country, for example, in India, Nepal, Banglidesh, Sri Lanka … has problems with the queue, then I can also register you at your consulate … A vacancy is selected individually for each client, the choice of vacancies is very large (factories, warehouses, factories, construction sites, restaurants …) housing is provided by a robot giver.

Working card of the Czech Republic for 2 years

There is the possibility of 100 percent obtaining a work card for countries such as India Nepal Bangladesh Ethiopia Pakistan and so on to make Czech work cards immediately for 2 years Upon expiration of the work card for 2 years, the client receives a residence permit, the client receives a home visa for three months, but the client will have a complete set of documents for 2 years, registration, registration of the address for 2 years in the Czech Republic plus a contract, the client arrives in the Czech Republic and takes fingerprints and eye prints and receives a work card for two years, the client has a choice of such vacancies as Collect pallets (pallets), laundry, work at the post office (sorting parcels), electricians, book warehouses, collect electric motors at the factory, a loader driver, a construction worker, hotels restaurants need staff … 100 guarantee for a 2-year work card , the price of 1200 euros an advance payment of 600, the processing time of documents from 2 to 3 months

Our Polish company is located in Poland can help you live and work legally in the Schengen countries in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Belgium … we work without intermediaries therefore we have the lowest prices in the market Work contracts are not from merely dead firms that are simply registered and do not work, but from existing firms that employ many people of different nationalities, for example, Poland has an employment agency that provides labor for factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants …., through our Polish company we can legally employ you in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, we have agreements with these countries, we legally send people to work in Schengen countries vacancy provides housing.


ПОЛЬСКИЙ РАБОЧИЙ ДОГОВОР НА 1 ГОД. (С ГАРАНТИЕЙ ОТКРЫТИЯ ВИЗЫ) Мы гарантируем, что вы получите визу на 100%, предоставив письмо-заявку на работу в случае, если вы являетесь агентством, подтверждающее письмо для каждого из ваших клиентов, полное сопровождение вашего клиента в консульстве (во время собеседования будут действовать) подробные инструкции, вопросы и ответы для вашего клиента, плюс наш работодатель, в день подачи заявки, позвонит вашему консулу и объяснит, чтобы он работал, если вы не можете сделать это самостоятельно, цена 300 евро, если вы не принесете все документы, которые требуют Получите визу категории D, получите визу на основании этого получите визу категории D,контракт с американской компанией, в которой работают люди разных национальностей, с этой вы можете работать у любого работодателя, которого хотите, наша польская компания также отправляет людей в командировку на легальных роботов в другие страны Шингена, такие как: Германия, Швеция, Франция, Бельгия … Выбор вакансий очень большой (фабрики, склады, фабрики, прямые рестораны, стройки …) Я работодатель и работаю без посредников, поэтому цена рабочего договора невысока, вакансия, свободное жилье. По окончании визы я даю клиенту вид на жительство на 3 года. Подробную информацию о вакансии вы найти на сайте. Цена контракта робота – 450 евро. Предоплата 100 евро. Вы заплатите 350 евро, если я предоставлю вам отсканированную копию оригинала вашего трудового договора.Завершу договор за 40-50 дней. Все законно и официально. Все налоги уплачены. Для того, чтобы купить контракт у клиента, вам необходимо: сканированная копия первой страницы вашего паспорта, предыдущие визы (если есть) и адрес на английском языке + вы платите за почту dhl, цена составляет около 50 евро.


массажист, бухгалтер, терапевт, администратор, косметолог. Приглашения оформляются на 1 день на 4 семестра (на 2 года). Заочная школа, занятия проходят только по выходным. В будние дни 5 дней в неделю можно выходить на работу 12-14 часов. Вы получаете польскую национальную рабочую визу категории D. Школа предоставляет на 2 года с продления, а также бесплатные курсы английского и польского языков. Первая страница паспорта была отсканирована у клиента, аттестат о среднем образовании с оценками был переведен на польский или английский язык. Нет необходимости ходить в школу по выходным, например, вы можете работать в Германии, но только для того, чтобы зарегистрировать, что вы учитесь в школе.Стоимость приглашения 600 евро, предоплата 200 евро.

Студенческие курсы в Польше с техническим уклоном для граждан Азии, Африки, Индии, Бангладеш …

СТУДЕНТ Принимающая компания / Страна Гданьск КРАКОВ
Польша Начало программы Сентябрь 2020 15 ОКТЯБРЯ НАЧАЛО УРОКОВ, 1 СЕНТЯБРЯ КУРСЫ – 14 ОКТЯБРЯ КУРСЫ
Расчетная продолжительность 6 месяцев – 1 год
Продолжительность курса 3 месяца ДЛЯ 4 часа в день – 3 месяца часов в день или 2 раза в неделю в субботу и воскресенье

Стажировка Оплачиваемая работа доступна в отеле Минимум 40 часов в неделю (гарантировано)
Оплачиваемая ставка 17,00 злотых / час
Проживание 250 злотых / месяц оплачивается студентом ОТ 250 ДО 550 злотых Самостоятельная
транспортировка к месту работы
Присоединение страна билета и возвращение в происхождение
самостоятельно Сумма гонорара консультанта составляет 700,00 евро, включая оплату 3 месяца обучения и легализацию документов заявителя)
Условия выплаты комиссии – залог 100 евро …
Из Польши в стране кандидат. Необходимый документ – аттестат школы с оценкой абитуриента

Poland. Technician (European certificate)

– hairdressing services
– food and gastronomy
– photography and multimedia
– Food Technology
– travel service
– Landscape architecture
– organization of advertising
– graphics and digital printing
– Accounting
– photographer
– prepare
– confectioner
– logistics
– hotel business
– economist
– style and appearance
– the hairdresser
– fitness instructor
– Wellness & spa manager
– Instructor biological renewal.

Good news. the working school was included in the project of the German Student Union. the school now has the opportunity to send schoolchildren for 90 days to Germany for paid internships. 8 hours a day. € 9 per hour net. I will write the nuances later. but agreement in principle was obtained

Academic year. payment of 200 zlotys (50 euros) per month. Housing 250-300 zlotys. when issuing an invitation to study (for opening a visa), the payment for a three-month training is 600 zlotys. upon completion, a diploma of the established form on the acquisition of a working specialty is issued. 1500 PLN – our commission for the preparation of documents. 400 zloty – necessary payments for the preparation of documents – confirmation by fiscal documents (legalization of the applicant’s documents) and 600 zloty payment for three months of training

in case of refusal to issue a visa through the fault of the Polish side, a refund for three months of training

Poland training up to 45 years 600 euros, Poland seasonal work, 450 months for 9 months, if we need to make a turn, vacancy Italy carers 400, work on a turkey farm. 17 PLN gross. feeding. cleaning of aviaries. bird care. transport give. Housing give-payment utility bills-50-70 euros per month. 10-12 business hours. 6 days per week. Aryon Silesk South

Our school invites foreign citizens to improve their qualifications in their chosen specialty and receive a basic level of Polish.

The training is carried out in a comprehensive manner – theoretical knowledge is secured with the help of constant production practice at the partner plants of our school.

At the moment, we plan to improve the qualifications of specialists in the hotel business and the food industry.

Advantages of our offer:

1-quick registration of invitation documents for obtaining a Polish national visa with the right to study and work (upon completion of the necessary documents by the employer upon arrival of the applicant in Poland). Type of visa d-11.

2-flexible training schedule, which allows the applicant to focus on the production process in full.

3- upon arrival, the educational institution or partner company where the applicant actually works has the right to apply for the applicant to receive the status of temporary resident of Poland.

4- after completing a one-year course, the applicant receives a certificate of a standard form for taking a course of lectures and practical training, which allows us to take a higher status in production and in business for a graduate of our school

Polish work contract for 9 months of agricultural work

Very, very important information we have it is possible to make work contracts for your countries in 10 days and this is not a joke We do seasonal work contracts in Poland .. for 9 months for agricultural work in 10 days the result is one hundred percent to provide information on a turkey farm, plus language learning school, plus technical courses.
Rules for applying for a seasonal work permit for a foreigner
Seasonal work permits can be issued to citizens of all countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. A permit is issued if a foreigner is required to engage in activities directly related to rural, forestry, hunting and fishing or living (placement in a subclass of activities in accordance with the classification of the PKD, in which seasonal work permits are issued).

A seasonal work permit is issued by an elder who is competent in relation to the place or place of residence of a person who entrusts the work to a foreigner for a period not exceeding 9 months in a calendar year.

The Warsaw Capital Labor Office is considering applications for renewing a seasonal work permit for:

  • legal entities registered in the National Register of Ships / KRS / with a registered office and address in the capital Warsaw;
  • entrepreneurs who are individuals included in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activities / CEIDG / residing in the capital;
  • non-business individuals and farmers living in Warsaw.

A seasonal work permit is issued if:
– a foreigner must be hired to perform seasonal work;
the amount of remuneration, which will be specified in the contract with a foreigner, will not be lower than the remuneration of workers performing comparable work or a comparable position at the same time;
– an organization entrusting the performance of work to a foreigner has attached a seasonal work permit application to old age information.
A seasonal work permit may be issued to citizens of all countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area

We are working with countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and many others. We get work-contracts directly from the employers for countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania and many others. With every contract, you will have a workplace and housing. There are lots of locations available (factories, warehouses, construction sites, hotels, restaurants). If you will not like the vacancy upon arrivals, we will find you another employer for free and you will get new contract with the new employer.

Our company receives 40-60 new job positions every day. Also we make short-dated invitations for Schengen business or buying a car. List of vacancies for the last month, you can see on our website under tab “Free vacancies”.

Even if you have opened the Polish working contract we have the ability to arrange your work in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, France, Italy …, absolutely legally through the Polish working visa, because our partners in Poland, through their companies, send their workers to work to the Schengen countries absolutely legally.

In order to get your work contract we will need from you following documents:

  1. The copy of the first page of your passport
  2. Your current residential address
  3. You will be required to sign a formal agreement with us. This formal agreement is your guaranty that you will receive a contract with your future employer which will be send to you by express mail (document is about that our company is required to send you by express mail the original contract from the employer.)

If your client or you yourself are in the Schengen or European Union countries, and you have run out of any visa, and you are like a complete illegal. We can carry out full legalization and provide you with a residence permit for one of the Schengen countries. Write only on WhatsApp: +380682302486 +380967512690

Italian working contract for agricultural work for 9 months

An Italian company that is engaged in agricultural work of the field, greenhouses. A very large employer, all year round except winter invites auxiliary workers to work. Detailed information will be provided to you by our Watsap consultant

Our Lithuanian company has a lot of objects in Lithuania and in the Schengen countries, there are many nationalities working there, there is one building company where plasterers and welders are needed and another company where car dealers, cooks, a supermarket, a tractor driver, a driver with category C, road workers, a mechanic are needed , work at the plant …, loggers, maids in a five-star hotel you need a resume, then an interview, passport and a diploma of vocational school. if you make yourself a document illegally that you have a specialty of plasterer that will be enough to open a visa, the visa opening rate is high because the company has been operating for many years, our Czech company is in PRAGUE is a registered agency that has the right to distribute labor through the labor exchange for all vacancies , we have a large limit on work contracts, therefore, according to our Czech work invitations, refusals are very rare, the choice of vacancies is very large, on arrival our company will help you get through your About a new employer a residence permit card for 2 years .., there is also a BUSINESS SCHENGEN INVITATION from our Polish operating company, the price is only 225 euros, the invitation has shown itself well in Asian countries.


We make the contract from a white construction company, which employs people of different nationalities. The client needs scans of the first page of his passport, an address in English plus a phone number. I can make a contract for both a man and a woman. The procedure for making a work contract is 10 days. A Lithuanian work contract bypasses the labor exchange if you provide any document that your client is one of the specialists from this list: Bricklayer, concrete worker, fittings, electrician, plasterer, insulator, seamstress, painter, any document school, courses, technical school …
Nobody checks the authenticity of the document.
The Lithuanian work contract is good in that the time for making a work contract is only 10 days, plus the Lithuanian company will provide you with the TRK code, plus the company will require your consul to give you the time and date when your client must go to the consulate to apply for a visa. With a Lithuanian work visa of category D, we will provide you legally free of charge any vacancy of your choice in any Schengen country.


We work with the agency Lithuania, which invites to the Schengen countries to visit Lithuania or other Schengen countries, there are travel programs, there is a lawyer who will competently issue a business invitation or provide a real EU citizen who will invite you to visit. Invitation price € 450, prepayment € 200



I make a working contract in Latvia in 3-4 weeks. The price is 600 euros. The prepayment is 200 euros. You pay when I show a scanned document of the original contract. From the client you need: a scan of the first page of your passport and an address in English. Open a Latvian work visa or any other category D visa, I will legally provide you with a vacancy of your choice in any Schengen country. You can see vacancies on my website. The Latvian agency provides construction projects, factories, factories … The Latvian visa opens almost 100%. From the client: scanned copy of the first page of the passport and full resume.


Latvia, Riga is a professional educational institution

any candidate under the age of 45 can study, the country does not matter, the invitation will be ready up to 15 days, the price is 600 euros, prepayment with scanning is 200 euros, the remaining 400 euros when you see a scanned copy a ready-made invitation for you, + your expenses, the originals of your documents will be sent by DHL (100 euros). After 2-3 weeks, you can apply for a residence permit for one year, training 2 times a week for 4 hours, a lot of time to work, a lot of vacancies …
Acceptance of documents at the RIMAN Vocational School takes place all year round.
The candidate must speak either Russian or English.
Today you need to pass an online exam, but if you make an invitation with us, your client will receive an invitation without an exam
Required documents:
– education document
– medical certificate 027 / y
– 4 photos (3х4)
– birth certificate or passport.
Certificate of no criminal record (certified by apostille)
– certificate from the bank that the candidate has 6,500 euros on the account

Our clients:


Suitable for any visa, work, Schengen or tourist does not matter. Insures any person in the Schengen countries or the European Union. This insurance, along with other documents, must be submitted to the consulate or visa center to obtain a visa. This Latvian insurance company is fully accredited. We make insurance for 2-3 days. We send it electronically. Price if one insurance is 200 euros, if more than 150 euros


For citizens of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Ethiopia. Working contract for 1 year. From a white construction firm employing people of different nationalities. If necessary, we will put you in line at your consulate. The contract itself in Estonia will be completed in 3-4 weeks. From the client: scanned copy of the first page of the passport plus a full resume, we work with a large agency that distributes labor in Estonia and Scandinavian countries, Schengen. We have been working with this partner for several years, a proven agency. Contract price 600 euros, prepayment 150 euros.
ESTONIA Schengen culture of invitation. the price is 550 euros. Visas for 1 year with a corridor for 180 days. I will do it in 7-10 days. A copy of the first page of the passport and the address in English must be scanned from the client. Plus a prepayment of 200 euros.
The invitation is made from a reliable Estonian travel agency, the invitation will be issued for visiting festivals, concerts, film festivals, etc.
Tourist visa
If you plan to stay in Ukraine for no more than 30 days, a tourist visa is the best choice for you.
Just get this visa. We make for you a full package of supporting documents for a visa (free of charge). With this invitation, you can apply for a tourist visa at the Ukrainian embassy. A tourist visa can be single or double entry.


Work in a chocolate factory, a good and proven job!
Schedule: 10-12 hours a day, you can take processing.
Responsibilities: Packaging, packaging of products, quality control and sticker products, packaging products in boxes.
Men, women, couples.
Age from 20 to 59 years.
Work of 50-60 hours a week is possible.
Payment from 4 to 7 euros per hour.
Housing is provided and paid by the employer, payment of utility services.
Accommodation for 2-3 people. Couples live separately (Wi-Fi, hot water around the clock)
Upon arrival at work, you are greeted by a coordinator who helps with the settlement, speaks the language of the respective country.

Your first steps in order to go to the Schengen countries, legally live and work.

First, you need to know which consulates you have in the capital. Today I have such working contracts with countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Germany, and Slovakia. You need to find out, the easiest thing to read is on the Internet, which of the consulates is the easiest to get a visa in your country. If you open, for example, a Lithuanian visa, it does not mean that you need to work only in Lithuania, any work visa can then legally change the work contract. This is done by any employer and it is legal to work after arriving in Schengen countries for any other employer, ie you have your old visa with which you came, for example, you opened a Latvian work visa, but you want to work in the Czech Republic. You come to the Czech Republic to the employer and he gives you his Czech working contract and you work in the Czech Republic legally, when the visa ends, the Czech employer extends your visa or makes a residence permit and you do not need to leave the Czech Republic.

While you are at home, any visa is opened only at the place of registration or address registration. Therefore, at first, always try to open a visa at home, in the capital of your country. If the first time you have been refused a visa, do not be discouraged, there is always a reason for refusal, that is, for example, not all documents have been provided for opening a visa, that is, you can appeal, the second contract is given to you for free and get a visa.

I know very well which sets of documents you need to provide for your countries; you don’t have a regular contract; you need to provide a full set of documents for your clients from the employer, including a confirmation letter and it is advisable to give you an application for labor, plus I demand when your clients go to the consulate for my employer will call and explain to your consul that he needs these clients to work, that is, we do full support for our partners for our agencies we do full support for your clients in the consulate plus we have a lawyer if God forbid you will receive a refusal for any client, our lawyer will appeal and we seek a visa.

Болгарский трудовой договор

Болгарский договор на работу у проверенного работодателя (склады, фабрики, фабрики, порт). С этими работодателями мы работаем уже третий год. Работодатель предоставляет работу по прибытии, когда приезжает клиент. Очень большой выбор вакансий, мы работаем с агентством, которое распределяет рабочую силу по всей Болгарии. Домашняя виза открывается на один год, когда ваш клиент приходит к работодателю, работодатель оформляет вид на жительство на 1 год с правом на работу и продлевает этот вид на жительство до тех пор, пока клиент согласен на работу, приходит предоплата со сканом документа 150 евро с отсканированной копии первой страницы паспорта клиента + краткое изложение вторая часть денег выплачивается, когда я показываю вам отсканированную копию готового оригинального контракта на работу.

Bulgaria – canneries. work on the conveyor. (processing of tomatoes, apples, peppers). work experience in such enterprises is desirable. warehouse workers. salary from 400-550 euros (piece rate based on the volume of working hours). accommodation is provided (including bedding). food in production. Sliven area.

ESTONIA Schengen culture of invitation

the price is 550 euros. Visas for 1 year with a corridor for 180 days. I will do it in 7-10 days. The client must scan a copy of the first page of the passport and the address in English. Plus a prepayment of 200 euros.
The invitation is made from a reliable Estonian travel agency, the invitation will be issued for visiting festivals, concerts, film festivals, etc.

Ukrainian tourist invitation, also there is a working contract for Ukraine

Residence permit of Ukraine. Especially from India or Bangladesh
I guarantee entry to the consulate of Ukraine in New Delhi even if it is closed to everyone.
Great price and minimal prepayment.
We guarantee visa and residence permit 99%

You send us all the information about your trip.
We will check it and give you approval, after which you can pay within a day after payment, we will send you a scanned copy of the documents (in electronic form), you check it and agree to send you the originals (hard copy);
The documents will be delivered to your home or work address (we do not send directly to the embassy);
After receiving an invitation from us and before applying for a visa at the embassy, you need to make an appointment at the embassy and choose a date convenient for you.
You will need an embassy: original passport, completed and signed visa application form, 3×4 photo, bank statement, invitation (included in the delivery package), insurance policy (included in the delivery package), excursion program (included in the delivery package), travel voucher (included included in the delivery))), hotel booking (included in the delivery), a copy of the legal registration of the travel company and a license (included in the delivery)
The visa will be ready in 5 (fast) or 10 (regular) days *
Take all documents for a trip with delivery in Ukraine

A complete invitation package for a tourist visa includes:
-Letter of guarantee;
-Tourist voucher;
-Excursion program;
-Insurance policy;

A copy of our bank guarantee for 20,000 euros;
A copy of the tour operator’s license;
Copies of our registration documents;
Also, our company conducts a meeting at the airport.
To start issuing an invitation, we need from you:

Scan a copy of your passport (first page only);
The country to which you will apply for a visa;
Travel dates (from … to …);
City of stay in Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, etc.);
Hotel name (write only if you have already made an order);
Your address and tel. number for DHL to deliver documents to you.

Preparation for the invitation: 1 day
Shipping by DHL, Aramex:

Europe next day delivery to the main city;
USA next day delivery to the main city;
Africa 2-7 days (depending on the country);
Asia 2-5 days (depending on the country).
The cost of our services is $ 370 for one package of documents + 50 euros for DHL delivery for all this.

Here’s how you can make a payment:

In the office – we work from 9:00 to 18:00 seven days a week;
A credit card is a fast way to pay online;
Bank Transfer – an online form for invoicing a SWIFT transaction;
Western Union or MoneyGram – an electronic money sending system;
Write to WhatsApp +380682302486,


We are preparing a set of documents for two years for a residence permit from a white company which has many objects: factories, plants, warehouses. The agency is accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Labor, it distributes labor throughout Hungary and sends it to its auto factories in Romania and Slovakia. At home, when you apply for a work visa, you will receive it only for 3 months, when you come to the employer you receive a residence permit for 2 years plus a full social package plus free housing plus special clothing, medical insurance. The vacancy will be provided after the interview in Hungary at the client’s choice. From the client: scanned copy of the first page of the passport plus a full resume. Contract price 600 euros, prepayment 100 euros.


– Warehouse worker Bardi Auto, Budapest, payment from 600-800 euros per month + bonuses and bonuses, 8-12 hours a day, free housing;
-Workers at an automobile plant, Budapest, payment of 500-700 euros per month + bonuses and bonuses, 8-12 hours a day, free housing;
– Workers at the Rosenberger Kft. Car factory, 3.5-4 euros per hour + bonuses and bonuses, 8-12 hours a day, free housing;


From the client, a copy of the first page of the passport, a short resume, preferably non-Muslims, we work with a large agency distributing power throughout Slovakia (for example, we made 49 contracts for agencies from Nepal from 4 different companies). The term of production of a work contract is one month. Robot in factories, warehouses, parks, cemeteries, street cleaning, security. Work 8-12 hours a day. The salary for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is 700 euros, but you can work 12 hours, the salary will be higher. Accommodation is provided by the employer. The agency of Slovakia is very reliable at its own expense, it even makes TRK code. Clients apply for a residence permit, full of social services. package. Contract price 600 euros, prepayment 150 euros.


– Workers at the Eissmann Avtomotive car factory, 4 euros per hour, 8-12 hours a day, free housing;
– Truck drivers to FM Logistika warehouses, different cities, 4.9 euros per hour, 8-12 hours a day, free accommodation;

Portuguese study invitation

Portuguese language school. The school is accredited by the Portuguese Ministry of Education. The invitation is prepared within 15 working days. Down payment 200 €. When the invitation is ready 400 €. A high school diploma is required. Knowledge of Portuguese is desirable.
The total cost of the course is 1500 euros. Within 90 days after receiving your visa and arriving in Portugal, if you want to study and pay 1250 euros for a full one-year course of study, you can apply for temporary Portuguese resident status.
15 days with post
Documents confirming the main purpose of the stay:
A certificate from the institution confirming the applicant’s enrollment for training or continuing education. (Preparatory or basic courses). This document should include information about the current year of study and semester.

Proof of payment (issued by the school) if the applicant is enrolled.

Document confirming the availability of sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of living and return to the country of origin *. A document confirming the student’s accommodation and the cost of such accommodation (such a document can be a lease agreement or a hostel indicating accommodation for the entire period of monthly payment).

A document confirming the availability of financial resources can be:
Travel check;
Credit card certificate issued by the ATM that issued the credit card (the card is issued by any bank that has a correspondent bank in a European Union country);
Bank statement on the availability of the necessary funds to the applicant’s account

A foreigner applying for a national study visa must submit a document confirming that he or she has sufficient financial resources to cover:
Return to country of origin cost:
* minimum 625 euros;
• living expenses
For each scheduled month, you must have at least:
* 200 euros;

Applicants for a 365-day visa must have at least € 4,925 (200 * 12 = 2,400 (average cost of living) + 625 (return home) + 900 (on campus or dorm) + 1,000 (study)) financial resources.

Living expenses are deducted from the document confirming your place of residence (rental agreement or payment on the campus of an educational institution) – a monthly payment for accommodation, taking into account your annual stay in Poland. The average monthly campus fee is 75 euros and the cost of living per year is 900 euros. Tuition fees (no advance payment) 1000 euros.

Only students with a fixed form of study or persons traveling to Poland to complete the preparatory course for enrollment can obtain a student visa. The consul has the right to assess the applicant’s level of language of instruction



In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 163 of 03/31/15, from April 8, 2015, the rules for staying in Ukraine of foreign citizens who arrived to study with a visa are changed. Duration of stay is determined by the validity period of the visa.

We warn you that the university will not be able to apply for student registration less than 30 days before the visa expires.

In Vinnitsa National Medical University. N.I. Pirogov accepted foreign citizens with a complete secondary education. Foreign citizens who do not speak, or do not know enough Ukrainian / Russian / English, can study the language and prepare for admission to the university at the preparatory department of the university.

Vinnitsa National Medical University. N.I. Pirogova issues invitations to enter Ukraine for foreign citizens who wish to study at the preparatory, medical, dental and pharmaceutical faculties.

Citizens sign a contract with the university.
Tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year is:
In Ukrainian / Russian: In English:
at the preparatory department – 1700 USD
Faculty of Medicine – 4000USD; Faculty of Medicine – 5000USD
Faculty of Dentistry – 4300USD Dental – 5200USD
Faculty of Pharmacy – 3800 USD Faculty of Pharmacy – 4000USD
Faculty of Pharmacy (distance learning) – 2700 USD

Use of the library is included in the tuition fee.
Classes at the preparatory, medical, dental and pharmaceutical faculties begin on September 1.

Foreigners enter universities on accredited educational programs twice a year, before and at the beginning of the academic semesters (from 12.07.2020 to 01.11.2020 and from 01.02. To 01.03. 2020, respectively, for applicants to the medical faculty with English as the language of instruction) to receive a master’s qualification – according to the results of the evaluation of submitted documents and interviews.
Additional expenses
Payment for company services
(assistance in obtaining a visa, meeting at the airport, transfer, checking into a hostel or apartment, complete disputes 24/7, assistance in obtaining a residence permit, familiarity with the city and traditions, assistance in all matters)
Additionally, accommodation and food will be approximately $ 150 per month

Существует возможность 100% рабочей карты для таких стран, как Индия, Непал, Бангладеш, Эфиопия, Пакистан и т. Д., Чтобы сделать чешские рабочие карты сразу на 2 года. По истечении срока действия рабочей карты на 2 года клиент получает визу на три месяца, но у клиента будет полный комплект документов на 2 года, регистрация, регистрация на 2 года в Чехии плюс договор, клиент приезжает в Чехию и берет отпечатки пальцев и глазков и получает рабочую карту на два года, у клиента на выбор такие вакансии как Сбор поддонов (поддонов), стирка, работа на почте (сортировка посылок), электрики, книжные склады, сбор электродвигателей на заводе, машинист погрузчика, строитель , ресторанам нужен персонал … 100 гарантия на 2 года работы по карте, цена 1200 евро, предоплата 600,


Этап 1.
Работаем над документами от самого начала до самого конца, клиент отправляет нам все страницы своего паспорта, где есть отметки через три, максимум четыре дня, мой юрист предоставляет доверенность, которая позволяет оформить все документы на территории Швеции без присутствия клиента.

Этап 2.
Показываем полностью рабочий контракт от нашей шведской компании, на основании которого будут поданы документы на рабочую двухлетнюю карту Швеции. Через две недели мы предъявляем документ, что конкретный клиент прошел миграционную службу и биржу труда и мы уже подали заявку на двухлетнюю рабочую карту – Швеция. Осталось только получить код ТРК.

3 этап.
Ждать нужно минимум 2 месяца, в среднем 3, максимум 4 месяца. Получив код TRK по электронной почте, вы отправляете все документы дома по месту регистрации в консульство Швеции и получаете либо туристическую визу для приезда в Швецию и в Швецию для получения рабочей карты, либо, если вы готовы подождать еще немного, вы сделаете сетчатку глаза и отпечатки пальцев и получите на месте 2-летнюю шведскую рабочую карту. Вакансии – водитель, доставка продукции со склада, работа на складе, упаковка, сортировка …, строителям нужны специалисты, каменщики, маляры, штукатурка …, работа только официально от 12 евро в час, цена одного полный пакет стоит 2000 + 1500, юрист работает в этом направлении около 2 лет … мы предоставляем контакты наших клиентов, которые проживают в Швеции по нашим документам …

Этап 1 – 500 евро
Этап 2 – 1500 евро
Этап 3 – 1500 евро

Рабочий контракт Швеция, код ТРК …


For 1 year, a very large selection of vacancies, factories, plants, warehouses. Vacancies do not require work experience, lunch, housing, work uniform is free, a worker’s salary is 800 euros with an 8-hour working day, it is possible to take additional hours, specialists earn more. From the client’s side – scanned passport, registration in English + police clearance certificate (apostille). We conclude a contract in 30-40 days. Romania is an EU member, if you want to go to any EU country, this is not a problem. The contract price is 650 euros, an advance payment of 200 euros, the rest of the money you pay when I show you a scan of the finished working contract. DHL mail at your expense.

Romania. Men at a furniture factory in the city of Suceava. (carpenter’s assistant, upholstery assistant, packer, storekeeper – working with upholstered furniture, foaming, stuffing pillows and other elements of upholstered furniture, dismantling furniture frames, on carpentry machines – the first rate) two weeks – 10 lei per hour, after – switching to a lump-sum tariff, usually from 10 to 12 lei per hour, depending on the speed and quality of work, the approximate salary is about 2500 – 3400 lei per month (600-800 euros). working day 10 – 12 hours / day + Saturday. Accommodation and travel to work are free.


You receive an invitation from a real EU citizen (Romania) for 6 months. Romanians are fully responsible for you, and he is responsible before the law for you so that you leave his country on time and do not break the law. He pays insurance for you. The consul will issue you a home visa for no more than 1 month. The deadline for processing applications to Romania is 5-8 days. The cost of the invitation is 400 euros. To buy an invitation from a client, you need to scan the first page of your passport and make an advance payment of 50%. The following citizens are allowed to visit Romania: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka….

Our office in Ukraine:

If your client or you yourself are in the Schengen or European Union countries, and you have run out of any visa, and you are like a complete illegal. We can carry out full legalization and provide you with a residence permit for one of the Schengen countries. Write only on WhatsApp: +380682302486 +380967512690

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        Good time of the day Rahman. There are absolutely no problems with vacancies, there are many vacancies. From 60 to 80 new vacancies from Europe come daily. You first need to open any of the three work visas that we have – Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, then we will employ you through our company in Poland in such countries as Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France … legally on work My Vatsap +380682302486

        Доброе время суток Рахман. Проблем с вакансиями абсолютно нет никаких, вакансий много. В день приходит от 60 до 80 новых вакансий с Европы. Вам нужно вначале открыть любую из трех рабочих виз, которая у нас есть- Чешская, Польская, Литовская, дальше мы вас трудоустроим через нашу фирму в Польше в таких странах как Польша, Чехия, Германия, Бельгия, Швеция, Франция… легально на работу. мой ватсап +380682302486

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