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Dear clients and partners, if you decide to buy a work contract, to make a visa, please think about what work contract you need, any contract is suitable for legal work in a prince, because you can work legally with a Polish or Lithuanian visa in Germany or in the Czech Republic there is no value, you need to read which visa is easier to open on the Internet, it’s easier and faster in my opinion to open a Lithuanian work visa, I’ll make a working contract in just 10 days and put you in line at your consulate to you you only need to apply on the day that I will tell you in the capital, from you in order to make a working contract the first page of your passport and registration in English plus prepayment ..
[11:20, 15.2.2019] Юля: good time of the day my dear clients, you read the texts and know the cost of working contracts, you know that there is a Polish, Czech, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian work contract, the price is 400 euros, under which you can legally work in the Schengen countries I also have a student invitations from Poland and Latvia for which you will receive a one-year working visa and will not only be able to work but also get an education in an EU country plus a residence permit, training takes place in English and outside working hours during the weekend, there is also a business Schengen Poland, plus the fact that I’m doing this invitation in 2 days and its price is only 225 euros, FOR ANY OF MY WORKING CONTRACTS I WILL give YOU WORK LEGALLY IN SCHENGEN COUNTRIES (you can see on my site) for example, a Lithuanian work visa, you do not need to work only in Lithuania, I have three registered companies in the Schengen countries and I will change your Lithuanian work contract to Czech, when you bring my company to the Czech Republic, that is, your Lithuanian visa will remain I will give you a new Czech and made you need a residence permit, and you will legally work in for example the Czech Republic as much as you want LEGALLY, to buy a contract from you, you need the first page of your passport, plus your registration (registration of your address) in English plus prepayment, after you open the visa I will give you have 3-6 employers of your choice, my firm doesn’t get money for a job ..
[11:21, 15.2.2019] Юля: Good morning, you write me or my secretary who also has a number +380967512690 Julia, please write your questions, we will answer everything, thank you .. you can buy a working contract from any of the three countries – Lithuania, the Czech Republic or Poland and for any of them I will give you legal work in the Schengen countries the price of any contract is 400 euros, there are a lot of vacancies on my website, my company does not accept money for vacancies ..
[11:21, 15.2.2019] Юля: a person with a Lithuanian visa has the right to work in Germany !!!!! if the Lithuanian company officially sent him there on a business trip, I have three companies in Lithuania, in Poland and in the Czech Republic I send people there where I need …
[11:21, 15.2.2019] Юля: information for partners and customers who buy Lithuanian work contracts from me. If you have bought a Lithuanian work contract from us, then we do the registration at the visa application center, that is, we will send the document along with the contract, where the date and time will be when you go to the embassy to file documents
[11:22, 15.2.2019] Юля: Lithuania – I will make the contract in 10 days, the visa will be open for 1 year with the right of renewal in Europe, Poland – I will make the contract for 6 weeks, the visa will be open for 1 year, after the visa is completed, the residence permit is issued. Czech Republic – get a visa at home for 3 months, on arrival in the Czech Republic you get a residence permit for 2 years. For any of the three work visas there are many vacancies in different countries. I will employ legally
[11:22, 15.2.2019] Юля: in order to open a visa, choose from the fact that I have these work contracts Poland, Lithuania or Czech Republic or Estonia or a student or Schengen and send me the first page of your passport and your registration in English and prepayment and I will start to make a work contract. .
[11:23, 15.2.2019] Юля: for your countries there is no and there has never been a working contract with Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Austria, Holland …………., for your countries there are work contracts only – !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!, the Polish work contract is done for one year in an average of six weeks, the Czech is done for 3 months, but in the Czech Republic you get a one-month residence permit for two years I will do with an average of 6 weeks, then Lithuania I will do it for one year, I will make a contract in 10 days and I will put you on a waiting list at your consulate where you will apply, these three contracts are workers of any of them 400 euros, plus there is still a student invitation. LATVIA and POLAND. You will open a visa for one year working and you can go to work for any job. Student work gives you a residence permit and you study after work as a rule at the weekend, get a specialty, there are still working contracts that are Latvia, Estonia, Romania, there are still working contracts in the Scandinavian countries, but they are seasonal and give them 3-6 months, all other working contracts for you are non-existent, buy any of those working contracts that I have and I will employ you in any Schengen country whereYou want and give a vacancy of your choice, LEGALLY !!!!!!!!, that is, to work in Germany you do not need a German work contract, open any Lithuanian work visa, for example, and I will legally employ you through my company in Germany for work. ..

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