Lithuania and the Czech Republic – work contracts

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I can make a working contract in Lithuania for one year plus an immigration code plus an employment contract plus a vacancy to choose a client in Europe with the right to extend the visa in the middle of the EU plus housing, at the beginning 400 euros with documents and 400 after opening the visa
CZECH !!! Legalization !!! For citizens of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan ….. We are preparing documents directly from the Czech company for a residence permit for 2 years. Submission of documents at home at the place of registration. From you – a scan of the first page of the passport, registration in Latin letters, you will buy insurance at home, we will give you a form, you will be considered at home for 1-2 months, you will be given a 60-90 day visa at home. Upon arrival in the Czech Republic you get a residence permit for 2 years, you also get housing and good work in factories, warehouses and factories. Knowledge of the language is not necessary at first. There is a probability of 20% failure, then we file an appeal, if the consul does not want to give you a visa, we will return the money. 400 euros from you when you submit documents and 400 euros when I send you a package of documents for opening a visa, in case of not opening a visa all money is returned
whatsap +380682302486

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