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Poland – a large selection of vacancies, salary of 14 zł per hour, legal employment and the employer makes a residence permit, housing is provided free of charge, the choice of vacancies is very large
Germany – Hamburg, official registration, we need men, women, married couples to warehouses of shoes and products, we arrange for any visa to a Lithuanian company on the spot (employment contract plus insurance) with the prospect of a residence permit. salary clean on hand 6.5 euros per hour, a schedule of 8-12 hours, Saturday – at will, housing 200 euros from the first salary
Germany – Berlin drive category B on minibuses, you need to deliver parcels DSL. Requirements – any visa and desire to work, the salary of 1300-1600 euros per month on your hands. It all depends on the number of parcels delivered. There are tips from customers, about 20-60 euros per day. on holidays more, accommodation 150 euros per month, internship 3-4 days, there is a photo of housing from work
NORWAY – a plumber with work experience is required for a building object, minimum English, a salary of 12 euros per hour, a work schedule of 10-12 hours a day, housing for free, only on any visa is legal
Holland – we need furniture assemblers 10 euros per hour, housing for free, about 200 hours per month, more
For a Czech company, people need a salary of 10 euros per hour to work 11 hours a day, a contract for at least 1 year, the company provides housing for free, you need to paint concrete, iron or other surfaces

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  1. Moira Segui says:

    Just what I was looking for, thankyou for posting.

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