Work in Europa

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⚜️ Category B drivers
▪️ Shipping postage.
▪ Language is optional.
▪️Payment 1800-2450 €
▪️Graphic 10-12h / day
▪️Housing is free
▪️ Work on any work visa
▪️ Number of seats – 7
☑️ Terms:
▪️Women and men up to 50 years
▪️Availability of any work visa
▪ Knowledge of spoken English 2 people per group (group 8-10 people)
▪️Stand 9 € / hour net, schedule Mon-Sat, 48 hours per week, recycling possible
▪️ Housing + utilities paid by employer
▪️Avance every week 200 €
▪️ Official clearance
▪️ Plus as a bonus in the first salary we return the cost of the road to Holland (no more than 150 €)
Деревянных Factory of wooden pallets
🇳🇱Netherlands, city Pannerden🇳🇱
☑️ Terms:
▪️Men and women 20-50 years old
▪️Working a work visa
▪ ️ 9 € / hour 10-12 hours per day
▪️Compensation to the Netherlands
▪️Avance 100 € on arrival, weekly advance 100 €
▪️Accommodation is free
Belgium Bruussell
We need women and men to clean up a cleaning company up to 45 years old.
Salary of 10 € per hour
8-10 working hours
Saturday is working for dinner.
housing is free of charge
Will live in an apartment.
Work on work visas
We make a work permit in Belgium.

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