Work in Europa

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Cologne city
work on any work visas
Urgently requiring people to work on the farm
Without experience
salary the first month 1500 euros clean
Accommodation for free
Requires minimal knowledge of English or German, so farmer could understand
Schedule 160-180 hours

DENMARK!!!! Wanted interior specialists.
Payment of 12 euros net per hour.
Housing for free
Accommodation in apartments. Dovoz to work for free.
Official registration for any work visas Employer verified.

🔥Workin 🇸🇪 Sweden
We are looking for 2 drivers with spoken English, B rights, up to 50 years, 12 euros / hour, approximate salary of 1600-1800 euros.
free housing, work on any work visas

For work visas and biometrics!
Welders of all types of welding and shells!
1 month – 14 euro per hour
2.3 month -15-16 euros per hour
The apartment is paid by the employer
2-3 people live
Transport to work pay
Insurance do
#work #europa #vizas #job #free #germany #workineuropa

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