Work in Italy, Austria, France, Netherlands

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Looking for a housewife and a nanny for elderly people
🙎Women up to 60 years 👵
💶 Salary from – 1200 euro / month
🏡 🥘 Housing and food at the expense of the employer 🏡
A separate room is provided
🚗 Carries the carrier to the place of work
 Work in southern Italy 

Work in Austria and France requires builders:
Gypsum plasterboards, masonry, tilers.

– any working visit
– Responsible attitude to work.

The employer offers:
– salary for 1 month is 12 euros net, from the second month 15 euros
– free accommodation!
-work of work: 8-12 hours a day, 6 days a week

The perfume warehouse in Poland needs workers. The city of Strykiv has a working visa of at least 2 months. Bet: Night 12.60zł. 11th day Hourly work for 12 hours. Accommodation free of charge Delivery of employees to the place of work!

(heart) NETHERLANDS (heart)
Need maids in apartments that are rented for rent
1. Woman is 20-45 years old
3. Availability of a working visa
4. Knowledge of English at the initial level

1.ZP 7 € / year, average price 1100-1300 € / month clean
2. Reimbursement of travel
3. Advance payment 100 € upon arrival, weekly advance of 100 €
4. Accommodation is free of charge
5. Official employment!

Cleaning apartments for rent. On average, clean 2-4 apartments per day, work schedule from 11:00 to 19:00 (possible shifting of the schedule + hour, all additional hours are paid)

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