Work in Poland and Sweden

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(heart) FREE VACANCY GRINDING OF POLYETHYLENE AND FOIL It takes 10 people to work in the shop sometimes on the street a working visa, up to 55 years old salary 14.50 zł 230-250 hours accommodation free medical board 150 zl at the expense of the employee, (heart) TO COSMETICS FACTORY – repair and adjustment in the process of working conveyor machines, work visa, bimetric, from 25-55 men 8 h salary 14 zlotys in 2 shifts, housing 150 zł, rights (heart)) BLOOD VACANCY FISHING FISHING PLANT, cutting packaging, breading, bimetry, visa for 50 years old women 3 people 14 zł per hour for men 16 zł per hour, work 7 days a week for 10-12 hours processing is possible, free housing (heart)) FREE VACANCY BARANS near WARSAW CONDITER, working visa, up to 45 years old, male salary PLN 17 per hour 200-240 hours, education pastry chef, free housing

We start the set.
On the fields in Sweden, the village
Asmundtorp, for the collection of strawberries we recruit men and women from 22 to 55 years old, healthy, preferably from the countryside (hard work, the collection goes in any weather).
Payment of 8 euros for sorting, processing of strawberries, the collection itself is on the chord Work alternately and in the collection and sorting. Salary from 1330 dollars to 2660 dollars in terms of Swedish crowns
Advance – EVERY WEEK.
WORK 6 days a week, Sunday optional. We work 8-12 hours. From 210 to 330 hours per month.
Accommodation Free !!!!
Work clothes – storm jackets, windbreakers, raincoats, rubber boots, boots, gloves, jeans – all of their own.
For those who have Polish visas – we take with a work visa from 2.5 months.
Work seasonal !!!!! Vegetables are possible after strawberries.

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