Jobs position in Hungary. Work at Samsung SDI factory

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Vacancy description:
Work at Samsung SDI factory, Göd, Hungary.
Production of storage batteries for electric cars.
Required: men under 30.
Candidates with experience in manufacturing (maintenance of machine tools, machines) are desirable. The presence of a biometric passport (the remainder of 60 days), residence permit card, education not lower than specialized secondary. Knowledge of English. is an advantage, the ability to write in Latin letters and read Latin text is required !!!

Labor remuneration – 900-1200 Euro

It is possible to work overtime (salary 1200-1800 Euro)

Above hours – evening time + 30%, weekend work + 100%, monthly bonus 20,000 forints gross, cafeteria 47,500 forints gross. Quarterly bonuses

Delivery to / from work: free of charge by service buses.

Delivery: Mukachevo-Budapest – at the expense of the company.

Work schedule: 12 hour shifts;

3 days from 6 to 18;

3 days off.

3 days from 18 to 6;

Accommodation: 3 people per room. Free at the factory dormitories in Budapest and nearby cities.

Official employment. The company draws up an ID card for 2 years, which allows living and working in Hungary. As well as a tax card and health insurance.