Work in Hungary. TV Component Assembly Plant (Samsung)

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Salary: 900-1100 Euro per month
Vacancy description
Work in Hungary for women.
TV Component Assembly Plant (Samsung) Bumjin Hungari elektronics Lőrinci, Hungary
Responsibilities: Tape over TV frames
Requirements: women, accuracy, efficiency, desire and ability to work 6-7 days a week

Working conditions:
– 12-hour working day (45 minutes lunch)
– 5-6-7 days a week
– day and night shifts
– 2.99 – 3.2 EUR per hour net per hour
When working more than 250 hours, there will be a bonus of 50 euros (net)

– dormitory
– free of charge, at the expense of the company
– 2-3 people per room
Transportation to work at the expense of the company
Specialist. clothes:
– give out special shoes and T-shirts
Meals – at your expense, independently
Documents – biometrics