Employement in Bulgaria. Dairy farm in Sofia

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Employee at a dairy farm in Sofia
600 – 800 Euro per month, full time, no work experience
Vacancy description
due to the expansion of the factory, there is a recruitment for the vacancy:

Dairy farm employee
The employer also provides:

Complete registration;
Seat reservation;
Business trip registration;
Official registration;
Accompaniment up to going to work;

Men, women, couples
Work documents: work visas; you can enter with a biometric passport, later a visa is issued on the spot at the expense of the employer
You will need to learn how to use the milking machine
There are no age and gender requirements, but strong, diligent, responsible people are needed

Salary per month on hand:

Start 900 – after 1 month;
After the 1st month – 1100-1200 euros / month

8 working hours a day; 40 – 50 hours a week
Milking schedule: Morning – 7:00 – 11:00; evening 19:00 – 23:00
Comfortable accommodation with all amenities.
It can be a hostel designed according to European requirements, cottages with European-quality renovation, if you come in a group, they will be accommodated in one room.
The room has the following equipment: microwave; refrigerator; cutlery; TV with a large diagonal; WI FI;
The walls are noise insulated; That no one would disturb you with unnecessary sounds.
The store is not far from your home.
And most importantly, the employer provides housing for free !!. This is an opportunity to save finances and bring enough money home!
Responsibilities of employees:

Cow and calf care treatments
Milking cows by connecting milking machines