Job in Czech Republic. Handyman at factories

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Handyman at factories in Pilsen, Prague
Location: Czech Republic, Pilsen, Pilsen, Prague
Salary: minimum 114-123 CZK / hour (up to 150-170 CZK / hour depending on the shift, working hours)
Vacancy description
Official employment in the Czech Republic. Work in Pilsen and its surroundings.
Salary from 114 to 123 CZK / hour, depending on the shift and fulfillment of the norm, up to 150-170 CZK / hour.
Full health insurance for the entire period of work at the expense of the employer.
Accommodation is provided at the request of the employee. Housing rent is deducted from wages. No prepayment required.
Opportunity to earn extra money on teams in other factories.
Employees are met upon arrival at the station, registered and taken to their place of residence.
Help and advice throughout the entire period of work. Assistance in extending long visas.
Full payouts with all overtime bonuses, night shifts and linemaster bonuses.
Processing is possible.
For citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries, a visa is issued for 3 months.