Vacant position in Bulgaria. Workers in the kitchen in Varna

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Workers in the kitchen in Varna
from 800-1000 €
Vacancy description

To work in Bulgaria, workers are required for the kitchen in hotel restaurants

We invite to work:

Adults 18-55 years old, work experience is not required, knowledge of a foreign language is not required;
Students during vacations or part-time work due to free attendance of classes who have turned 18 or will turn in June;
Graduates of educational institutions.

Participation in all primary processing processes for cooking food in “hot” and “cold” shops;
Performing other specially assigned tasks inherent in the duties performed by him;
Monitoring and maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your workplace.
Work period:

The minimum period is 80 days;
Standard work period is 90 days;
A period of more than 90 days is possible, this year the Bulgarians introduced at the legislative level the opportunity to work the entire summer season;
We will inform you the exact date of departure after approval for the position;

Shift 8 hours a day;
6-day working week;
One floating day off per week;
On request, it is possible to work 10-12 hours a day to earn more money.

Paperwork costs 200 euros, which the applicant pays;
Payment must be made before departure, after submitting documents and receiving the contract;
Documents are drawn up on the territory of Bulgaria, in Ukraine you will not need to run with documents to the visa center or the Bulgarian embassy;
The work permit is done in its own country entirely by the Bulgarian side;
You just have to get documents upon arrival: work permit, insurance and start work

Work permit and labor contract;
At the time of work, a curator is assigned, permanently located in Bulgaria, to whom candidates can contact on all issues;
We help to buy a bus ticket to Bulgaria and back;
Medical insurance;
Accommodation in a room for up to 4 people at the expense of the employer;
Utilities are paid by the employer: electricity, water;
Meals at the employer’s expense – 3 times a day;
Uniforms (clothing) for work at the expense of the employer;
Upon completion of the work, an international certificate is issued;
If you have a work book at the end of the season, you need to provide it to record the length of service in Bulgaria.