Work in Lithuania. The production of blinds and blinds

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The production of blinds and blinds is 4.2 Euro per year.
Location: Lithuania, Kaunas
Salary: 4.2 EUR per year

The plant for the production of blinds and blinds.
For women, choloviks and family couples up to 45 years.
Dosvid is not oboving.
Pracevlashtuvannya on a biometric passport with the possibility of a given pracevlashtuvannya in the Lithuanian state.
You are welcome to prasevlashtuvannya in polish visi.

The observatory includes the servants of cars. Installation of blinds, roller blinds. Packing ready-made virobes.
Without shkidlivy calls, the physical form is good, that is healthy, vitrified.
Payment for payment: 4,2 EUR / per year. In the month of 220-240 years.
Accommodation: livelihood, payment 120 €