Job in Slovakia. Paid sick leave

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salary from 1100 €.
net working hour = 4.2 euros per hour;
bonus for night shifts +1.60 euros per hour (gross), i.e. 1 hour of work will cost a net € 4.76;
weekend bonus – 1 hour of work will cost a net 4.60 euros;
bonus for completing a personal plan +100 euros per month;
paid vacation 24 days;
paid sick leave;
the worker is given branded special clothing and footwear.

Working hours:
Basic working hours – 8 hours 5 days a week.
Weekly shifts: morning / day / night.


Overtime is possible only with the agreement of your immediate plant manager

Meals € 0.9 for a full meal
Accommodation: Hostels for 1 month are provided free of charge. Then 100 euros per month.
Travel – 1.2 euros per day (22 euros per month). From the place of residence to work 5-10 minutes drive.
Expenses are calculated upon receipt of wages.
Accommodation condition: Before registration, you will live in a hostel for 2-4 people in a room.

Deadlines for applying for a residence permit: Applicants come to apply for a residence permit (it takes 10 days), then they return to Ukraine for a period of 30-45 days, they wait, then they return to work.

Documents that you must have in Slovakia on hand to apply for a residence permit:

Biometric passport (availability of biometrics)

Police clearance certificate + Apostille for “Submission to institutions for foreign countries” (without translation into Slovak)

If the candidate has been and worked for more than 85 days in the Schengen countries over the past 3 years, then a police clearance certificate from the host country is needed.