Packers at a dairy plant. Handymen

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5,5 eur
Without experience
With accommodation
Full time job
Without language
one year work visa

For all
Tallinn is suitable for Estonia, we invite packers to work at a dairy plant for the production of hard cheese and butter.

– men, women, couples;
– up to 57 years old;
-active, responsible, without bad habits;
-possible by bio or visa.

-payment 5.5 euros per hour, work 230-270 hours per month.
– accommodation is provided by the employer free of charge, the employee pays only utility bills.
-advances issued on demand, payment of wages by the 10th day of the next month.
– the employer issues a car to get to the place of work.

-Packaging and packaging of hard cheeses and butter.
Workers are required for a long time.