Vacancy for a bricklayer in the construction of residential buildings in Estonia

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Salary: 5-6 € / hour

Estonia, Tallinn City

For men from 21 to 50 years old.
Knowledge of the language is not required.

Bricklayer work in Tallinn. Social facilities: 8-storey residential buildings, underground parking, shopping centers.

Preparation of thermal insulation on the first row of masonry, laying of a block with a coating of the lower layer, inserting each block into the lock. Checking the level of the vertical and the horizon of the inclination of each block.

Removing excess glue from each block, installing window openings. Laying of partitions with thermal insulation and installation of doorways.

Installation of anchors between each layer of masonry. Performing other auxiliary work.

Working conditions
wages 5-6 € / hour;
official employment;
the minimum rate is 10-12 m2;
work schedule from 7-19 hours;
in winter, the working day is reduced from 7.00 to 16.30;
working day in summer 10-12 hours, in winter 8-10 hours;
work clothes at the expense of the employer: boots, trousers, vest, helmet, mittens;
meals: the employer provides an advance payment of up to 50 € / week before the first salary (at the end of the month, the company retains an advance for food);
accommodation 150 € / month (the employer provides accommodation for the employees, after which there is a deduction from the salary) Accommodation with all amenities;
access to the facility, in some cases by company transport, in others by public transport, travel card – 28 € / month for all types of transport.

Compliance with safety regulations. Ability to work in a team. Cleaning of the workplace. Without bad habbits.

Additionally required: take bed linen and kitchen utensils.