Vacancy for a warehouse worker in Lithuania

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Salary: 800-1500 €
For men from 20 to 50 years old
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Work on the conveyor, collecting sorted goods from the conveyor and placing them on pallets. Removal of goods, manual unloading of trucks.

The maximum weight of transported goods is 20 kg, the temperature in the workshop is + 5 ℃.

salary 800-1500 € / month, depending on the amount of work done;
official employment;
schedule 5 days a week. Processing is possible if necessary. Shift work with staggered hours and overtime. The working day starts at 11:00, the end is not limited, you need to complete the amount of work before the end of the shift;
accommodation 50 € / month;
travel expenses to the place of work (bus pass) – 20 €.
Work visa requirements

Working on a conveyor belt requires physical strength and endurance. Compliance with the norm throughout the work shift.

Without bad habbits