We are looking for seamstresses for a sewing factory in the cities of Lodz, Leszno, Wroslav

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Salary: 3250 – 4000 PLN / month
Poland. City of Lodz, Leszno, Wroclaw
For women from 20 to 48 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

sewing protective masks;
tailoring fabrics / leather goods by design;
completing tasks correctly and on time;
ensuring the continuity of production;
responsibility for the quality of work performed;
compliance with safety rules.

Working conditions
wages from 3250 to 4000 PLN / month;
official employment;
work schedule 10 hours / day, 7 days a week. 250 to 300 hours per month;
accommodation PLN 350 per month;
travel from and to work at the expense of the employer.

sewing experience;
the ability to work with sewing equipment;
the ability to read technical drawings;
knowledge of the Polish language will be a clear advantage in employment;
ensuring cleanliness and order at the workplace.