Heating device production

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Salary: 750 – 1050 € / month
Slovakia. Trencin Region
For men and women from 20 to 50 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

A heating appliance factory requires men and women as well as couples with one-year work visas

Upon arrival, everyone will be applied for a residence permit

men, women, couples aged 20 to 50
desire to learn
lack of bad habits.
availability of open biometrics in biometric passports, lack of an open visa from another country
technical education and experience in production are welcome

Working conditions:
food coupons and dorms for accommodation are provided
transportation to the place of production is provided

salary from 750 euros / month net (950-1000 euros / month gross)
an additional 20% is paid to the salary after working out the trial period
salary is calculated hourly – 4.56 euros / gross hour

Method of employment: Legal way of employment.
making a residence permit for 1-2 years. After obtaining a residence permit, a contract is signed.

The costs of obtaining a residence permit in the police are covered by the employer. The company’s services for employment are free.

Candidate’s expenses – for the production and translation of documents and transportation costs.

Advances of 50 euros are issued every 10 days.