Operator at the VERITAS plant in Dunakiliti

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Salary: 160.000 – 260.000 HUF / month
Hungary. Dunakiliti town
For men and women from 18 to 50 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Documents required for entry: work visa
Accommodation conditions: 2-3 bed rooms
Work schedule: 3 shifts of 8 hours
Payment 160.000 – 260.000 HUF
We invite men and women to work as an operator at the VERITAS plant, Dunakiliti.
The plant produces plastic and metal pipes for cars.

-Production, collection and packaging of metal and plastic fuel pipes and cables
-Installation of fuel pipes, cables
-Mainly stand-up work, the assembly also has seated work on some operations.

The employer provides:
* Official employment
* Pays and produces for the employee: work permit, tax number, health insurance and all documents required to cross the border.
* Free entrance from Ukraine to the place of work
* Free accommodation

– 2-3 bed rooms.
– For couples – double rooms.

3 shifts of 8 hours.

Within 3 months – 160.000 – 220.000 HUF
After 3 months – 175.000 – 260.000 HUF

Quarantine is at the employer’s expense.