We invite operators for the collection of household appliances to work

Write !!!ONLY!!! on WhatsApp: +380983703413 (Director) ; +380967512690 (Consultant) ; +380682302486 (Advertising department. Does not provide advice.) ; trustyjob.com@gmail.com

Salary: 600-800 € / month
For men and women from 18 to 50 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Calm, easy work, ideal for couples, women as well as men.

– Desired age – 18 – 54 years old.
– Mindfulness, responsibility
– Knowledge of a computer at an elementary level (how to open, save a file, how to use e-mail)
– Discipline, no bad habits

* Work is light, standing.
* Overview of parts to be installed
Quality control, packaging
* Entering data into a computer (several times per shift)

The employer provides:
* Official employment
* Pays and produces for the employee: work permit, tax number, health insurance and all documents required to cross the border.
* Free entrance to the place of work
* Free accommodation

– Very good living conditions. Dormitory 35 km from the factory (with a service bus)
– 2-3 bed rooms.
– FAMILY COUPLES live in 2-bed rooms

1.3-shift working hours – from Monday to Friday 8:00 daily (06.00-14.00, 14.00-22.00, 22.00-06.00), Saturday and Sunday – rest day, overtime work is possible on weekends (generally monthly 1 – 2 days)
2. Permanent work schedule – weekly work schedule with different weekends (as a rule, the rest day does not fall on the end of the week), 8:00 daily (06.00-14.00, 14.00-22.00, 22.00-06.00), overtime work is possible (generally monthly 12 o’Clock in the noon)
paid working hours – 8:00 a day