Work in food and textile warehouses

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Salary: 10,15 € / hour
Germany. City: Aschheim (Munich)
For men and women from 18 to 28 years old.

Work all year round.

Work in food and textile warehouses.
With textiles, you have to collect orders for well-known online stores.
In grocery warehouses, sort goods, fill shelves, scan and control.

Working conditions
wages 10.15 € / hour. There are bonuses for good work. Supplement for night shifts;
official employment;
work schedule: from 40 hours / week. Work in two shifts;
meals on day shifts are free of charge during work. Canteen on the territory of the enterprise;
accommodation 400 € / month, will be deducted from salary. 2 people per room;
they bring to work 140 € will be deducted from the salary.

Perform their work efficiently and conscientiously. Hard work, responsibility.