Work in the Land Rover-Jaguar warehouse as a storekeeper (a work unit that generates an order) and a warehouse clerk

Write only on WhatsApp: +380682302486 +380967512690 ;

Salary: 800-1200 € / month
Slovakia. Nitra city
For men from 22 to 50 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

The work is not hard. Work experience is not required.
A driver’s license is not required for the position of a car dealer, but their availability will be a priority. You just need to go through an interview.

– provides housing free of charge (block type room for 2-3 beds) where couples live together. Each block has its own shower and toilet, Wi-Fi. Accommodation is provided in the cities of Nitra, Galanta, Shuran.
– provides work clothes and footwear
– provides food vouchers for 3.82 euros, where the employee pays an additional 0.22 euros / day
– free transport to and from work
Basic salary is:
– storekeeper – 600 euros net per month (3.5 euros per hour) 165 h;
– karshchik – 700 euros net per month (4.2 euros per hour) 165 h.
– today people work in two shifts. Morning (6.00-14.00) and afternoon (14.00-22.00)
And additionally:
– bonus to salary in the amount of 5-15% for a well-worked month;
– 13 salary paid twice a year in May and November.
Overtime up to 200 total hours per month is also possible, where the picker salary will be 700 euros net, and the picker 840 euros net. In reality, people earn up to 1200 euros with overtime.