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Germany, urgently need workers in the tire warehouse, men and women work on any work visas, only legal employment salary 11 euros per hour free accommodation, good living conditions 10-12 working hours a day, Sunday is a day off


Germany urgently needed Plumbing for wiring and connecting the heating 12 euro salary per hour net Clean Accommodation provided for free There are advances Robot in Berlin. Cologne per month 3000. euro clean Work on work visas or ai di


NORWAY 💡We need ELECTRICIANS for construction Requirements and conditions: * Elementary knowledge of English * Work from Monday to Saturday * Working hours 8-10 * Payment is 11 € / year Housing is FREE Only for work visas (we will

Free Poland

Work in Poland. Free vacancies for men, women and couples. Work in Lublin, Krakow, Warsaw, Olsztyn and other cities. – Work for women at the plant for the production of heat-insulating materials pay 15 zł per hour. – Work for


DHL courier service Munich city Men for unloading loading on a mail warehouse up to 50 years! Work in three shifts (but it will be possible to work for 10 hours). it is possible with any work visas, the employer

Free Job in Germany

Germany Osnabruck city, urgently need men and women for clothing stores (packaging, sorting), shoe stores (work on the line) and jewelry store. it is possible with any work visas, the employer makes legalization, advances, a salary of 8-9 euros per

Free Jobs

Poland – a large selection of vacancies, salary of 14 zł per hour, legal employment and the employer makes a residence permit, housing is provided free of charge, the choice of vacancies is very large Germany – Hamburg, official registration,

Lithuania and the Czech Republic – work contracts

I can make a working contract in Lithuania for one year plus an immigration code plus an employment contract plus a vacancy to choose a client in Europe with the right to extend the visa in the middle of the

Questions and answers

Dear clients and partners, if you decide to buy a work contract, to make a visa, please think about what work contract you need, any contract is suitable for legal work in a prince, because you can work legally with

Administrator/Hotel in the Germany (Dusseldorf)

Seeking mails under age 45 y.o. without bad habbits. Must speak English. Must have driving license (category B). Salary 1000 €. Registration is by ID-сard or with by biometric passport (hard copy). Semi-annual, annual visas are even better. DUTIES: Purchase