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Job in Slovakia. Paid sick leave

salary from 1100 €. net working hour = 4.2 euros per hour; bonus for night shifts +1.60 euros per hour (gross), i.e. 1 hour of work will cost a net € 4.76; weekend bonus – 1 hour of work will

Work in Czech Republic. Handymen

We need builders and handymen. The Czech Republic needs 6 people under the age of 55 to build, you need to be able to plaster, masonry, and handymen. -Documents -Polish work visas, Czech visas -Payment of 100 crowns per hour

Vacancy in Czech Republic. Meat processing plant

Urgently to the Czech Republic for a meat processing plant! Prague suburbs. Legal employment. A package of documents for obtaining a visa is provided. Men: Only with work experience !!! Processing, cutting of meat. Salary – from 170 crowns per

Job in Czech Republic. Handyman at factories

Handyman at factories in Pilsen, Prague Location: Czech Republic, Pilsen, Pilsen, Prague Salary: minimum 114-123 CZK / hour (up to 150-170 CZK / hour depending on the shift, working hours) Vacancy description Official employment in the Czech Republic. Work in

Job positions in Czech Republic. Cable plant

Work in the Czech Republic, cable plant Salary: 1100-1300 euros Vacancy description Work experience is not required. Location: Prague and other cities. Requirements: men, women (married couples, up to 55 years old). Payment: 90/110 CZK per hour. Work schedule: 12

Vacancies in Czech Republic. Factories Sony, Panasonic, Daikin

Work in the Czech Republic at factories and factories Sony, Panasonic, Daikin Vacancy description Work for women, men and married couples at Sony, Panasonic, Daikin and other factories in the Czech Republic. Requirements: age 18-55 years; diligence, decency and responsibility;

Job in Czech Republic. Stationery warehouse

Wanted workers for a stationery warehouse in the Czech Republic Salary: 1100-1400 euros per month Vacancy description Work for women and men, it is possible for couples, in the warehouse of stationery and household goods in 8-12 working hours a

Work in Czech Republic. Pate plant

Pate plant Salary: 1000-1400 euros Work experience is not required. We issue Czech work visas Requirements: men, women, up to 60 years old. Salary: 85/100 CZK per hour (depending on the process). Work schedule: 12 hours a day (6 days

Work in Latvia. Сar company

Warehouse worker in a car company in Latvia Salary: 4.2 euros per hour Vacancy description The main activity of the company is wholesale and retail sale of cars and trucks, agricultural, industrial and motorcycle tires, wheels, batteries and oils. Likewise,

Job in Latvia. A cleaning company

Working in a cleaning company in Latvia Salary: 1000 Euro Vacancy description Salary: From 1000 euros / month Responsibilities: Cleaning supermarkets, offices, apartments in the daytime and at night Cleaning of residential premises, kitchen workers, (Hourly work € 4 per

Vacancies in Latvia. Cook

Cook Salary: € 900-1100 net Vacancy description Public catering network in Riga invites chefs of hot and cold workshops to work Men, women Requirements: • professional education, category not lower than 3. • Work experience as a cook at least

Vacansy in Latvia. Builders

Builders. Laying paving slabs Vacancy description Vacancy for masters of paving slabs laying. Work for July – November Official employment. We issue a Latvian work visa. Place of work: Latvia, Riga Requirements: skills in laying paving slabs; age from 22

Jobs in Latvia. Painter

Painter (ship repair / steel structures) 1400 € per month Requirements: has experience working as a painter for metal structures and / or in ship repair; knows how to work independently; hardworking and responsible. Working conditions: stable work on modern

Work in Latvia. Brush cutters for pruning bushes

Brush cutters for pruning bushes 1000-1200 Euro Lumberjacks are also needed Work throughout Latvia Requirements: knowledge of the Russian language, physically strong. Experience in forestry, work as a brush cutter and trimmer is required. Age under 40 Responsibilities: caring for

Work in Lithuania

Warehouse worker Salary: 1600 euros Responsibilities: sorting and packing of products in cardboard boxes on waybills, work with the scanner, work with the stacker. Additional requirements: experience with a stacker. Age: 25-50 years old men Education: secondary special, permission to

Job in Lithuania. Linen thread

Women are required to make linen thread. Lithuania Salary: 900 – 1000 Euro Job description Women up to the age of 45 are urgently needed to make linen thread. It is necessary to monitor the equipment and load products on

Vacancy in Lithuanian. Interior builders

Interior builders, we open a Lithuanian annual work visa free of charge Location: Lithuania, Vilnius Salary: 1200 – 1500 euros Job description We are looking for builders – station wagons in Lithuania (Vilnius): Tilers Plasterers Putties Plasterboarders Painters and others.

Job in Lithuania. Electrician

Electrician to Lithuania – from 1200 euros Job description Arrival by biometrics, the employer reimburses the costs! We offer: (knowledge of a foreign language is not required); schedule: 5-6 days a week for 10-12 hours; net salary 5 euros /

Work in Lithuania. The production of blinds and blinds

The production of blinds and blinds is 4.2 Euro per year. Location: Lithuania, Kaunas Salary: 4.2 EUR per year The plant for the production of blinds and blinds. For women, choloviks and family couples up to 45 years. Dosvid is

Job in Estonia. Confectionery production

Confectionery production 4 – 5 EUR per hour Duties: Sticking of confectionery products on the production line: cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates using special equipment. Sticking barcode labels on confectionery goods. Working conditions • wages from 4 – 5 € /

Work in Estonia. Field and warehouse work on farms in Tallinn

Field and warehouse work on farms in Tallinn 1200 EUR per month, it all depends on the hours worked Field and warehouse work on farms Responsibilities: picking and sorting strawberries, apples, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, pumpkins, berries (all as they ripen)

Jobs position in Estonia. Farm worker Estonia

Farm worker Estonia Agricultural work is harvesting (strawberries, raspberries, peas, potatoes, cucumbers) The salary can be either from production, or hourly pay (3.5-4 euros per hour) minimum you can have 900 euros, maximum 1300-1500 – depends on the season work

Employement in Estonia. Handymen picking fruits and vegetables.

Handymen picking fruits and vegetables. in Tartu 4 EUR per hour Advance is given after 10 days worked Wanted workers to pick vegetables and fruits. Responsibilities: care, harvesting, watering. Schedule: 10 hours / day, 5-6 days a week Accommodation: provided

Vacant positions in Estonia. Packers and cartoners

Packers and cartoners 1800 – 2000 EUR from 6 to 9 EUR per hour Packers and cartoners required. Responsibilities: packing products and moving around the warehouse. You can go with married couples. Biometrics registration. Salary: on packaging – 8-9 euros

Job in Estonia. Installation of solar panels

Installation of solar panels 1400 – 1600 EUR month Duties The job is to install and maintain solar panels. Moving element materials for installation. Installation and assembly of solar panels, solar cells (according to drawings). Power cable laying, wiring, connection,

Vacancy in Estonia. Gardening worker

Gardening worker 1200 Euro / month EMPLOYEE for GREENING the territory of Estonia Tallinn Salary from 1100 to 1500 euros / month. net Requirements: – Men under 60 years old. – Biometric passport. Responsibilities: – Performance of official duties. –

Work in Estonia. Board processing factory

Work for men in a board processing factory in Estonia 1100-1200 EUR 4.5 Euro / h Work for men in Estonia at a board processing factory. You are invited to: – payment 4.5 Euro / h, 1100-1200 Euro / month;

Employement in Bulgaria. Dairy farm in Sofia

Employee at a dairy farm in Sofia 600 – 800 Euro per month, full time, no work experience Vacancy description due to the expansion of the factory, there is a recruitment for the vacancy: Dairy farm employee The employer also

Work in Bulgaria. Workers on a farm in Sofia

Workers on a farm in Sofia 800 – 900 € Vacancy description Working on the Farm Men, women, couples Responsibilities of employees: care and milking (ability to use the milking machine) Salary per month on hand: Start 800-1000 euros /

Vacancy in Bulgaria. Drivers for transportation

Drivers for transportation: deliver products to shops according to the itinerary – rate 820 lev (420 euros), processing is paid additionally – housing is provided by the employer, there are 2-3 people in the room, the kitchen is fully equipped

Job in Bulgaria. Waiter and “cleaning lady”

Waiter and “cleaning lady” at 5 star hotel in Burgas 600-800 Euro + tip full-time Vacancy description Bulgaria Work in the hotel “Wave Resort 5 *” We recruit women and men under 30 Documents: biometrics Type of work: room cleaning

Work in Bulgaria. Grocery warehouse worker in Sofia

Grocery warehouse worker in Sofia Vacancy description A grocery warehouse serving a chain of supermarkets and grocery stores Requirements: – age from 20 to 55 years (older by agreement), – students for a part-time job for a period of 1

Vacancy in Hungary. Second hand sorting work

Location: Hungary, Budapest, Hungary Salary: 900 EUR per month NET Vacancy description Work in Hungary, Budapest Based on an 8 hour workday, Monday to Friday second hand sorting work Requirements: – men and women under the age of 45; –

Work in Hungary. Line operator at Samsung

Location: Hungary, Ged Salary: 1000-1200 Euro Vacancy description A vacancy is open for Line operator at Samsung SDI plant, Göd, Hungary Production of storage batteries for electric cars. Requirements for candidates: – Men under 40 – Knowledge of English letters

Jobs position in Hungary. Work at Samsung SDI factory

Vacancy description: Work at Samsung SDI factory, Göd, Hungary. Production of storage batteries for electric cars. Required: men under 30. Candidates with experience in manufacturing (maintenance of machine tools, machines) are desirable. The presence of a biometric passport (the remainder

Work in Hungary. TV Component Assembly Plant (Samsung)

Salary: 900-1100 Euro per month Vacancy description Work in Hungary for women. TV Component Assembly Plant (Samsung) Bumjin Hungari elektronics Lőrinci, Hungary Responsibilities: Tape over TV frames Requirements: women, accuracy, efficiency, desire and ability to work 6-7 days a week

Work in Romania. Chocolate factory

SET TO THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Date of publication: February 2, 2020 Location: Romania Packer / handyman at a chocolate factory. Wages are HIGH !!!! Requirements: Neat hands and willingness to work. Convenient schedule (different options: 5 / 2.2 | 2

Work in Romania. Loader driver

Loader driver Location: Romania Salary: 1100-1300 Euro Vacancy description The Romanian company Egger, which manufactures wood-based materials (OSB, fiberboard, MDF), is looking for Forklift drivers in Radauti, Romania. Duties: Load and unload vehicles and containers; Operate the loader in accordance

Vacancies in Romania. Workers to pack Greenfield tea

Wanted workers to pack Greenfield tea Employer requirements: – Men, women, couples – Age from 18 to 60 – It is possible without work experience – Knowledge of the language is encouraged (but not required) – Desire to work and

Vacancy in Romania. Waiter

Salary: 800 – 1000 € / month Position: Waiter Gender: Male / Female Age: From 20 years Work experience: No work experience Duties of the waiter serve visitors at the table; to serve solemn and special receptions; set tables; provide

Work in Romania. Security guard

VACANCY FOR SECURITY GUARD IN ROMANIA Salary: From 800-1100 € / month Position: Security guard Gender: Male Age: Up to 40 years Work experience: From 1 to 3 years The work of a security guard in Romania Duties The responsibilities

Job in Romania. Shaper of reinforced concrete products

VACANCY FOR FORMER OF REINFORCED CONCRETE PRODUCTS IN ROMANIA Vacancy status: Active Country: Romania Branch: Production Salary: 1200 € / month Position: Shaper of reinforced concrete products Gender: Male Age: up to 45 years Work experience: From 1 to 3

Work in Slovakia. Peugeot Citroën car plant

Salary: 1100-1300 euros per month Peugeot Citroën car plant (Pejo Citroën). town of Trnava. We open a residence permit for 1-2 years for free Requirements: men who are physically healthy and without bad habits; age 20-45 years; height from 162

Job in Slovakia. Packaging of products

Miscellaneous: Slovakia, Bratislava Salary: 1400 euros per month Job description Slovakia. Electronics warehouses ALZA. Near Bratislava The work consists in the formation of orders, packaging of products, warehousing, working with a scanner Looking for men under 35 Payment – 4

Vacancies in Slovakia. Builders of various specialties

Miscellaneous: Slovakia, Bratislava Salary: 1800 euros per month Job description Slovakia. Bratislava For any documents! Builders of various specialties are urgently required for the construction of 10 one / two-storey houses Payment – piecework. Settlements once a month – on

Work in Slovakia. Production of plastic parts for cars

Locations: Slovakia, Zhilina, Chadca Salary: 1200-1400 euros per month Job description Primework offers work in Slovakia. Summit Factory Permanent work requires workers for the production of plastic parts for cars. Requirements: men and women No work experience required Schedule: 12

Jobs in Slovakia. Confectionery factory

Slovakia, Trnava, Glohovec Salary: 3.4 euros per hour Job description Slovakia. G. Glohovec (Trnava). Peter Vetter. Women are required for permanent work at a confectionery factory for the production of dried fruits in chocolate and other sweets Requirements: women up

Work in Poland. EFFERTA is a brand of vitamins

EFFERTA is a brand of vitamins popular in Poland. Our employees work on repackaging vitamins, order formations. The work is quite simple without experience. Requirements: women, age from 18 to 50 years old; open visa If you do not have

Work in Poland. Norwood is a Polish window manufacturer

Norwood is a Polish window manufacturer with production facilities in several cities in Poland. Work for men for a whole year. Requirements: men age from 18 to 55; open visa If you do not have a work visa, our company

Poland jobs position. Lotnisko Wroclaw is one of the largest airports

Lotnisko Wroclaw is one of the largest airports in Poland. Dozens of local and international flights take off and land here every day. Requirements: men, age from 18 to 55; open visa from 5 months If you do not have

Poland free vacancies

Work in the Wearco (Adidas) warehouse – on this set of completing orders for all Adidas stores in Poland. Requirements: men, women, couples; age from 18 to 55; open visa If you do not have a work visa, our company

Jobs in Poland. Gelliwe trademark – produces a wide range of jellies, puddings, cocoa.

Gelliwe trademark – produces a wide range of jellies, puddings, cocoa. All production takes place in clean rooms and high quality standards. The company’s products are made without preservatives and dyes. Requirements: men, women, couples; age from 18 to 55;

Work in Poland. Toyota Boshoku is a Japanese automotive corporation

Toyota Boshoku is a Japanese automotive corporation that is part of the Toyota financial and industrial group. One of the largest automotive companies in the world. Has production facilities in Poland, Czech Republic. Requirements: men married couples; age from 18

Work in Croatia Germany

Croatia city ​​of dubrovnik official employment need helpers to the kitchen, waiters, maids salary from 1000 euros, plus bonuses, bonuses and tips free housing any work visas Work in a warehouse (magnify) (earth) GERMANY, City DORTMUND🇩🇪 (earth) Work in a warehouse

Work in Poland and Sweden

(heart) FREE VACANCY GRINDING OF POLYETHYLENE AND FOIL It takes 10 people to work in the shop sometimes on the street a working visa, up to 55 years old salary 14.50 zł 230-250 hours accommodation free medical board 150 zl

Work in Italy, Austria, France, Netherlands

ITALIA 🇮🇹 ⭐ WORKING BY WORKING VISAS AND BIOMETRICS ⭐ Looking for a housewife and a nanny for elderly people 🙎Women up to 60 years 👵 💶 Salary from – 1200 euro / month 🏡 🥘 Housing and food at the expense of the employer 🏡 A separate

Work in Germany Belgium

URGENTLY !!! Germany! Chicken factory. Lipsk (130 km from Berlin) Payment 10 euro / hour Wanted husband, wives, couples. Age up to 50 years. working visa any minimum 3 months, legal employment, we do a work permit Dismantling chickens 1.5

Free Jobs in Europe

Sweden – Malmo Work on a horse care farm – work on any work visas, official employment – salary 1400-1600 euros per month – housing for free – working day 10-12 hours – men from 20 to 45 years –

Work in Europa

GERMANY Cologne city work on any work visas 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 Urgently requiring people to work on the farm Without experience salary the first month 1500 euros clean Accommodation for free Requires minimal knowledge of English or German, so farmer could understand


Germany Berlin Requires couples, men and women to sort bottles, indoors a salary of 9 euros per hour net 200-220 hours Accommodation for free Hamburg Auto parts Women men a salary of 9 euros per hour net 200-220 hours Accommodation


Germany Urgently needed Plumbing for wiring and connection of heating It is desirable to have a driver’s license salary 13 euros per hour net Accommodation provided There are advances Work in Berlin. Cologne per month 3000. euro clean Work on

Work in Europa

🇪Germany🇩🇪 ⚜️ Category B drivers ☑️Conditions: ▪️ Shipping postage. ▪ Language is optional. ▪️Payment 1800-2450 € ▪️Graphic 10-12h / day ▪️Housing is free ▪️ Work on any work visa ▪️ Number of seats – 7 “COLLECTION AND LANDING OF PLANTS”

Free Germany

GERMANY WAREHOUSE work on any work visas Osnabruck town 11 places. women and men Warehouse of textiles, souvenirs, cigarettes, stationery. Packaging, labeling, collecting orders in boxes. At work they bring a salary of 9-10 euros per hour, 9-10 hours a


Germany, urgently need workers in the tire warehouse, men and women work on any work visas, only legal employment salary 11 euros per hour free accommodation, good living conditions 10-12 working hours a day, Sunday is a day off


Germany urgently needed Plumbing for wiring and connecting the heating 12 euro salary per hour net Clean Accommodation provided for free There are advances Robot in Berlin. Cologne per month 3000. euro clean Work on work visas or ai di


NORWAY 💡We need ELECTRICIANS for construction Requirements and conditions: * Elementary knowledge of English * Work from Monday to Saturday * Working hours 8-10 * Payment is 11 € / year Housing is FREE Only for work visas (we will

Free Poland

Work in Poland. Free vacancies for men, women and couples. Work in Lublin, Krakow, Warsaw, Olsztyn and other cities. – Work for women at the plant for the production of heat-insulating materials pay 15 zł per hour. – Work for


DHL courier service Munich city Men for unloading loading on a mail warehouse up to 50 years! Work in three shifts (but it will be possible to work for 10 hours). it is possible with any work visas, the employer

Free Job in Germany

Germany Osnabruck city, urgently need men and women for clothing stores (packaging, sorting), shoe stores (work on the line) and jewelry store. it is possible with any work visas, the employer makes legalization, advances, a salary of 8-9 euros per

Free Jobs

Poland – a large selection of vacancies, salary of 14 zł per hour, legal employment and the employer makes a residence permit, housing is provided free of charge, the choice of vacancies is very large Germany – Hamburg, official registration,

Lithuania and the Czech Republic – work contracts

I can make a working contract in Lithuania for one year plus an immigration code plus an employment contract plus a vacancy to choose a client in Europe with the right to extend the visa in the middle of the

Administrator/Hotel in the Germany (Dusseldorf)

Seeking mails under age 45 y.o. without bad habbits. Must speak English. Must have driving license (category B). Salary 1000 €. Registration is by ID-сard or with by biometric passport (hard copy). Semi-annual, annual visas are even better. DUTIES: Purchase

Vacancies in Czech Republic

We are looking for men and women to work in the auto parts factory. Dutes: polishing and checking the quality of spare parts. 90-110 CZK per hour. Accommodation 3000 CZK. From 180 to 250 working hours per month. Pasta factory.

Working on gypsum plasterboard machine (Cologne, Germany)

Loking for 4 specialists to work ongypsum plasterboard machine. Required biospassport or Polish working visa. Preferably with your car. Housing and refueling is the expense of the employer. Salary 1200-1500 Euro. Departure from the city of Lutsk. This vacancy is

A house keeper. Germany

Urgently needing house keepers. Looking after children, aged 4, 8 and 9 y.o. Cleaning, cooking and laundry. Working day 10 hours. Accommodation is in a separate apartment. The employer provides a travel ticket and accommodation free of charge. Meels are

Doors manufacturing. Germany (Dresden)

6-day work schedule from 6 am to 2 pm, from 2 pm to 10 pm. Sunday is off day. Accommodation is provided (hostel). Accommodation cost is 170 euros per month. Wage rate is 2100€. 8 hours work day (extra hours

Work in Austria. Construction

Skills are not required. (Techniciens helpers. Working with machinery) Working hours: 8-12 hours a day, 24 days a month. Wages (cash on hands) – from 1400 euro / month, increase to 1700 euro / month. First 3 months 6 euros