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Work in Croatia Germany

Croatia city ​​of dubrovnik official employment need helpers to the kitchen, waiters, maids salary from 1000 euros, plus bonuses, bonuses and tips free housing any work visas Work in a warehouse (magnify) (earth) GERMANY, City DORTMUND🇩🇪 (earth) Work in a warehouse

Work in Poland and Sweden

(heart) FREE VACANCY GRINDING OF POLYETHYLENE AND FOIL It takes 10 people to work in the shop sometimes on the street a working visa, up to 55 years old salary 14.50 zł 230-250 hours accommodation free medical board 150 zl

Work in Italy, Austria, France, Netherlands

ITALIA 🇮🇹 ⭐ WORKING BY WORKING VISAS AND BIOMETRICS ⭐ Looking for a housewife and a nanny for elderly people 🙎Women up to 60 years 👵 💶 Salary from – 1200 euro / month 🏡 🥘 Housing and food at the expense of the employer 🏡 A separate

Work in Germany Belgium

URGENTLY !!! Germany! Chicken factory. Lipsk (130 km from Berlin) Payment 10 euro / hour Wanted husband, wives, couples. Age up to 50 years. working visa any minimum 3 months, legal employment, we do a work permit Dismantling chickens 1.5

Free Jobs in Europe

Sweden – Malmo Work on a horse care farm – work on any work visas, official employment – salary 1400-1600 euros per month – housing for free – working day 10-12 hours – men from 20 to 45 years –

Work in Europa

GERMANY Cologne city work on any work visas 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 Urgently requiring people to work on the farm Without experience salary the first month 1500 euros clean Accommodation for free Requires minimal knowledge of English or German, so farmer could understand


Germany Berlin Requires couples, men and women to sort bottles, indoors a salary of 9 euros per hour net 200-220 hours Accommodation for free Hamburg Auto parts Women men a salary of 9 euros per hour net 200-220 hours Accommodation


Germany Urgently needed Plumbing for wiring and connection of heating It is desirable to have a driver’s license salary 13 euros per hour net Accommodation provided There are advances Work in Berlin. Cologne per month 3000. euro clean Work on

Work in Europa

🇪Germany🇩🇪 ⚜️ Category B drivers ☑️Conditions: ▪️ Shipping postage. ▪ Language is optional. ▪️Payment 1800-2450 € ▪️Graphic 10-12h / day ▪️Housing is free ▪️ Work on any work visa ▪️ Number of seats – 7 “COLLECTION AND LANDING OF PLANTS”

Free Germany

GERMANY WAREHOUSE work on any work visas Osnabruck town 11 places. women and men Warehouse of textiles, souvenirs, cigarettes, stationery. Packaging, labeling, collecting orders in boxes. At work they bring a salary of 9-10 euros per hour, 9-10 hours a