Category: Work in the Czech Republic

Work in Czech Republic. Handymen

We need builders and handymen. The Czech Republic needs 6 people under the age of 55 to build, you need to be able to plaster, masonry, and handymen. -Documents -Polish work visas, Czech visas -Payment of 100 crowns per hour

Vacancy in Czech Republic. Meat processing plant

Urgently to the Czech Republic for a meat processing plant! Prague suburbs. Legal employment. A package of documents for obtaining a visa is provided. Men: Only with work experience !!! Processing, cutting of meat. Salary – from 170 crowns per

Job in Czech Republic. Handyman at factories

Handyman at factories in Pilsen, Prague Location: Czech Republic, Pilsen, Pilsen, Prague Salary: minimum 114-123 CZK / hour (up to 150-170 CZK / hour depending on the shift, working hours) Vacancy description Official employment in the Czech Republic. Work in

Job positions in Czech Republic. Cable plant

Work in the Czech Republic, cable plant Salary: 1100-1300 euros Vacancy description Work experience is not required. Location: Prague and other cities. Requirements: men, women (married couples, up to 55 years old). Payment: 90/110 CZK per hour. Work schedule: 12

Vacancies in Czech Republic. Factories Sony, Panasonic, Daikin

Work in the Czech Republic at factories and factories Sony, Panasonic, Daikin Vacancy description Work for women, men and married couples at Sony, Panasonic, Daikin and other factories in the Czech Republic. Requirements: age 18-55 years; diligence, decency and responsibility;

Job in Czech Republic. Stationery warehouse

Wanted workers for a stationery warehouse in the Czech Republic Salary: 1100-1400 euros per month Vacancy description Work for women and men, it is possible for couples, in the warehouse of stationery and household goods in 8-12 working hours a

Work in Czech Republic. Pate plant

Pate plantSalary: 1000-1400 eurosWork experience is not required.We issue Czech work visasRequirements: men, women, up to 60 years old.Salary: 85/100 CZK per hour (depending on the process).Work schedule: 12 hours a day (6 days a week).Housing – provided by the