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CONTRACT № _____
m. “___” _____________ 20___ p.

Mikhail Ilchenko acting under the certificate of registration series AA number 47774, on the one hand, and ________________________________________________
Treaty hereinafter “employees” on the other hand, have concluded this Agreement as follows:
EMPLOYEE charges, and the intermediary undertakes on the basis of documents provided by the employee to provide information and advice on mediation in employment abroad
(Employment contract), services for finding work abroad, with assistance in processing documents and facilitating workers in an employment contract between him and the employer and visa invitation _____________________________________________________________________.

1.Subject CONTRACT.
1.1 The employee charges, and the mediator assumes the duties of counseling and / or provide information on employment abroad.
1.2 Information and advisory services provided through this contract include:
1.2.1. Information about vacancies, name and location of potential employers.
1.2.2. Providing information on matters relating to temporary visas for foreigners, explaining the rules and procedures Embassies of Ukraine and the State of the employer or potential partner.
1.2.3. Help in the search employee potential employer partner abroad.
1.2.4 Training and documentation provided by the employee on the basis of his information about you and your family.
1.2.5. Preparation and execution resumes workers on the basis of submitted material employee.
1.2.6. Payment transfer documents in the country of employment
1.2.7. Providing information and advice on the employment characteristics of the country, namely the major economic, political, social characteristics, national customs and norms of public life. .
1.2.8. Information about the consular offices of Ukraine and public organizations in the country of the potential employer
1.3.1. Mediator ensures free provision of information on potential new employer in the country of employment of the present Treaty obligations and “undertake to provide free new employment contract in the event of a desire to change job placement workers abroad in the first agreed by the parties workplace.
2 .. Duties intermediaries.
2.1. Mediator shall:
2.1.1. To acquaint workers with labor legislation and the status of foreigners in the host country, as well as with the relevant rules of customs and currency regulations;
2.1.2. To assist in familiarizing workers with the labor contract agreed with a potential employer;
2.1.3. Prepare a resume workers on the basis of submitted last materials;
2.1.4. Provide information and advice on worker interviewing prospective employer;
2.1.5.Poserednyk within the contract must. Provide appropriate relevant information and consulting services, as defined hereunder
2.1.6. Provide employee, upon request, registration papers, a book of complaints and suggestions. 3.1.3. Provide information on the selected employee vacancies: country, region, nature of work, employer requirements, day-week wages, housing, food. 3.1.4. To assist employees in preparing the documents required for issuing a work visa.
2.1.7. Provide advice on how to obtain an invitation from the employer, design work visas from countries with visa
2.1.8 .. Start fulfillment of obligations on the day of signing the contract workers and provide a full list of required documents and payment of the first installment under paragraph 4.

3. The duties of the employee
3.1. The employee must:
3.1.1. Provide reliable information (information) of the received education and work experience, and other personal information about yourself that are necessary for employment;
3.1.2. To follow all the instructions mediator regarding the preparation of documents for employment;
3.1.3. Pay intermediary remuneration for services provided by p. 1.1. this Agreement, according to p. 4.1. this Agreement;
3.2. Realizing that Mediator appropriate, timely, complete and efficient performance of its obligations under this Agreement and for providing employees with quality and timely support for the design of the required documents and other formalities, an employee is obliged to provide intermediary at the time of signing this Agreement ( or such other period as agreed by the Parties of the Treaty) employee certified copies of documents such as passport and named “my father, information on residence registration) in addition to the above document copies, The employee agrees to provide intermediary at the request of the latter other information necessary intermediary and certified copies (or originals when necessary) other documents within the period specified intermediaries, and follow other instructions mediator.
3.3. The employee agrees to immediately inform the mediator about changing your address, city and mobile phones in writing. Failure to contact the employee for overthan one (month) days for your phone and address it entails the termination of this Agreement
3.4. The employee is fully responsible for the veracity of the information provided under this Agreement
3.5 Employee shall: 3.5.1. Provide all necessary documents and information about themselves necessary for the proper performance of the contract
3.5.2. Notify itself only accurate information.
3.6. Follow the terms of this agreement.
4.1. The cost provided information and advisory services is ____________________.
4.2. Payment for services performed two parts, the first part is paid at the time of signing the contract and provide the necessary documents for payment of the required fees for the production of documents for a visa, namely __________________________________ by agreement of the parties the cost of services paid by cash or bank transfer in the amount of ________
The second part of the funds paid employee mediator in 3 days after the visa consulate
4.3 In case of failure of the second contract specified payment facilitator may apply to the employer to request cancellation of visas
5.1. No responsibility can be a consequence of the failure of any provisions of this Agreement if the failure manifest unto consequence of reasons beyond the control of the Party which does not perform like natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, fire, war, strikes, military actions, intervention by the authorities, the embargo (called the “force majeure”), for the period that begins with the revelation of the Party which has not, to force majeure and ends when force majeure is over or would have ended if the party not Viko nuye, has taken measures that it actually would take to overcome the force majeure.
6. liability and dispute resolution.
6.1. Parties are not responsible for the violation of its obligations under this Agreement if it was not their fault. Party is presumed innocent unless it can prove that it has applied its measures for the proper performance of obligations.
6.2. All disputes related to this Agreement, its conclusion or those that arise in the implementation of this Agreement shall be settled by negotiation between the Parties. If the dispute can not be resolved through negotiations, he settled in court by the relevant legislation of Ukraine.
6.3 In case of refusal by the employee vacancies, intermediary obligations “undertake to provide information about potential new employer in the country of employment of workers under this Agreement,
6.4. The mediator is not responsible for the actions and motives of embassy staff, which resulted in may be denied residence and employment of the Customer in the territory of the State.
6.5.Poserednyk not responsible for the actions of border and customs services.
6.6. In case of failure of an intermediary obligations assumed under the contract through Customer (Customer providing false information, information that does not correspond to the real intentions of the customer, providing false documents to arbitrary violation of terms of providing the necessary documents Customer refuses this agreement to any -yakomu stage of implementation and reasons for, the amount paid for the services listed are not returned, and the service is provided.
6.8 employee responsible for inaccurate information, including health, reflected in the questionnaire yourself.
7. Safeguards for workers
7.1. Realizing that the employment of workers abroad, are rather complex process, which among other things has a lot of subjective components and largely depends not only on the Mediator as an employee and a foreign employer, abilities, skills, employee, his communication skills and ability to establish good relations with their foreign employer and support them during the term of the employment agreement (contract), despite this,
7.2. If after receiving the documents for the employment of workers abroad by the mediator, the employee will be denied a visa to travel abroad for employment on the terms of this Agreement for the reasons independent of the employee, the mediator does not return the employee costs paid last this Agreement.

8.1. The mediator may terminate this Agreement unilaterally by written notice to the employee’s post, in the case of an employee misleading and false information, information that does not correspond to the real intentions of the worker, providing documents in due course were found fake, and so on. In this case, this Agreement shall be deemed terminated at the time of expiry of the ten (10) days from the date of referral to the employee s written notice of termination of this Agreement.
8.2. . Changes in this Agreement may be amended by mutual consent of the Parties made additional agreement to this Agreement which is its integral part.
8.3 This Agreement shall enter into force upon signature by both parties, payment of the first installment, due to the provision of documents and valid until the Parties of its obligations assumed under this Agreement, including obtaining the employee information for employment abroad under the terms of this Agreement intermediary and receiving full payment of the services provided by this Agreement, but no more than 6 months

8.4 The set of documents for the employment of workers abroad under the terms of this Agreement received by the employee during the description intermediary signature.

8.5.pratsivnyk sole responsibility of telephone conversations with employers, by passing an aptitude test in the event of their potential employers, and the result of interviewing consulate.

8.10. Ukladeno2 Agreement in English and Russian, and ______ on pages in two copies, each having equal legal force (one – workers, one – don’t).

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