Work in Estonia

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  • Job in Estonia. Confectionery production

    Confectionery production
    4 – 5 EUR per hour
    Sticking of confectionery products on the production line: cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates using special equipment.
    Sticking barcode labels on confectionery goods.
    Working conditions
    • wages from 4 – 5 € / hour;
    • accommodation is provided by the employer.
    Desire to work and earn. The presence of a medical book or the willingness to make it. Ability to work at a fast pace, to perform monotonous work

  • Work in Estonia. Field and warehouse work on farms in Tallinn

    Field and warehouse work on farms in Tallinn
    1200 EUR per month, it all depends on the hours worked
    Field and warehouse work on farms

    Responsibilities: picking and sorting strawberries, apples, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, pumpkins, berries (all as they ripen)
    Fully official employment with a residence permit for the duration of work

    Accommodation: free of charge, at the expense of the employer, the costs of utilities and the Internet are possible up to 50 euros.

    Payment: 1200 euros per month, it all depends on the hours worked.

  • Jobs position in Estonia. Farm worker Estonia

    Farm worker Estonia
    Agricultural work is harvesting (strawberries, raspberries, peas, potatoes, cucumbers)
    The salary can be either from production, or hourly pay (3.5-4 euros per hour)
    minimum you can have 900 euros, maximum 1300-1500 – depends on the season
    work for 1, 3, 4, 5 months. – we agree on this individually

    accommodation for free, maximum 50-60 euros communal flat

  • Employement in Estonia. Handymen picking fruits and vegetables.

    Handymen picking fruits and vegetables. in Tartu
    4 EUR per hour Advance is given after 10 days worked
    Wanted workers to pick vegetables and fruits.
    Responsibilities: care, harvesting, watering.
    Schedule: 10 hours / day, 5-6 days a week
    Accommodation: provided (2 euros per day).
    Payment: 4 euros per hour.

  • Vacant positions in Estonia. Packers and cartoners

    Packers and cartoners
    1800 – 2000 EUR from 6 to 9 EUR per hour
    Packers and cartoners required.
    Responsibilities: packing products and moving around the warehouse.
    You can go with married couples.
    Biometrics registration.
    Salary: on packaging – 8-9 euros per hour, for cardboard workers – 6-7 euros per hour.
    Working hours: 10 hours a day, processing is possible.
    From 220 working hours per month.
    There are night shifts.

  • Job in Estonia. Installation of solar panels

    Installation of solar panels
    1400 – 1600 EUR month
    The job is to install and maintain solar panels. Moving element materials for installation.
    Installation and assembly of solar panels, solar cells (according to drawings). Power cable laying, wiring, connection, as well as other auxiliary work.
    • salary from 1400 € / month;
    • official employment;
    • issue of overalls;
    • accommodation is provided by the employer.
    Ability to work independently. Responsible attitude to work.
    Physically healthy, attentive. Without bad habbits.

  • Vacancy in Estonia. Gardening worker

    Gardening worker
    1200 Euro / month
    EMPLOYEE for GREENING the territory of Estonia Tallinn Salary from 1100 to 1500 euros / month. net Requirements: – Men under 60 years old. – Biometric passport. Responsibilities: – Performance of official duties. – Landscaping of the territory. – Planting trees, bushes, grass. – Landscaping.

    Working conditions:

    – Schedule: 6 days a week, 10 – 12 hours a day. – from 220 to 300 hours / month – Overalls are issued FREE OF CHARGE after a trial period; for the first time you need to take your own. Salary: – 5 euros / hour. net – There are advances every week 50 euros – salary is paid on the 20th. Accommodation / meals / travel: – Apartments for 2 persons / room (100 euros from salary). – Meals at your own expense. – Transfer to / from work FREE

  • Work in Estonia. Board processing factory

    Work for men in a board processing factory in Estonia
    1100-1200 EUR 4.5 Euro / h

    Work for men in Estonia at a board processing factory.

    You are invited to:
    – payment 4.5 Euro / h, 1100-1200 Euro / month;
    – 10-12 hours of work per day, 5 days a week;
    – the possibility of employment with a Polish work visa and biometrics;
    – necessary documents for crossing the border;
    – free housing;
    – work uniform;
    – flight to Tallinn.

    Responsibilities: sorting and stacking wooden boards for drying, etc.

    – diligence, decency and responsibility;
    – no bad habits