Work in Latvia

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  • Work in Latvia. Сar company

    Warehouse worker in a car company in Latvia
    Salary: 4.2 euros per hour
    Vacancy description
    The main activity of the company is wholesale and retail sale of cars and trucks, agricultural, industrial and motorcycle tires, wheels, batteries and oils. Likewise, the company is developing service center networks and distributing automotive products in several countries.

    Requirements for the candidate – warehouse worker:
    – physical endurance
    – experience in warehouse
    – experience with warehouse equipment (lifts, etc.)
    – not a fear of heights
    – a driver’s license for warehouse equipment will be an advantage
    – age up to 50 years.

    – order picking
    – work at height
    – work with warehouse equipment
    – manual loading and unloading of car tires
    – work at height.

    – official employment
    – free accommodation
    – work shoes are issued by the employer, clothes can be taken out
    – work schedule Monday – Saturday, 11:00 – 20:00, there is a possibility of processing
    – Russian-speaking support by our managers for the entire period of employment.

  • Job in Latvia. A cleaning company

    Working in a cleaning company in Latvia
    Salary: 1000 Euro
    Vacancy description
    Salary: From 1000 euros / month
    Responsibilities: Cleaning supermarkets, offices, apartments in the daytime and at night Cleaning of residential premises, kitchen workers, (Hourly work € 4 per hour) Requirements: Women from 20 to 40 years old. Knowledge of the language is not required; Without bad habbits. Accommodation: Provided by the employer 100 Euro / month. (Calculated from the salary) Work 5-6 days a week, 10 hours a day Pay once a month plus an advance payment of 300 euros! Departure is possible by biometrics; upon arrival, the employer issues a Latvian work visa.

  • Vacancies in Latvia. Cook

    Salary: € 900-1100 net
    Vacancy description
    Public catering network in Riga invites chefs of hot and cold workshops to work
    Men, women
    • professional education, category not lower than 3.
    • Work experience as a cook at least 1 year.
    • Knowledge of hygiene standards in the food chain.
    • Knowledge of the principles of compatibility and storage of product groups (including adherence to deadlines).
    • Experience with technological equipment (especially with a steam convection oven, stove, baking surface, vegetable cutter).
    • Ability to accept and evaluate raw materials and consumables in accordance with quality requirements.
    • Ability to assess the quality of ready meals by organoleptic indicators.
    • Ability to understand TC (flow charts), prepare food in strict accordance with the technology of their preparation and calculation standards.
    • Ability to record inputs, outputs and outputs in production records.
    • Ability to timely place orders for the required products.
    • Ability to check technological equipment, equipment, inventory readiness for work.
    • Ability to wash, clean and disinfect kitchen equipment, technological equipment, refrigeration equipment, strictly observing the washing and disinfection program.
    • Desirable experience in both a cold shop and a (hot) shop.
    Conditions: work in shifts, shift 12 hours from 06-00 to 19-00; 3 working days, 3 days off. Additional jobs are provided on weekends.
    Salary: for 168 hours a month – 720 euros per hand, additional payment for additional hours. Salary range up to 1000 euros.
    Accommodation: provided by the employer, free of charge.
    Meals: 2 times a day. Meals are deducted from wages – 0.71 euros.
    Consideration of candidates on the basis of resume, educational diplomas according to qualifications and interviews with the employer.

  • Vacansy in Latvia. Builders

    Builders. Laying paving slabs
    Vacancy description
    Vacancy for masters of paving slabs laying.
    Work for July – November
    Official employment. We issue a Latvian work visa.
    Place of work: Latvia, Riga
    skills in laying paving slabs;
    age from 22 to 45 years old;
    without bad habbits.
    Mon – Sat from 8:00 to 18:00, 1 hour lunch.

    Laying paving slabs
    Accommodation is provided by the employer.
    Accommodation in a hostel. If you wish, you can move to your home, we will compensate for 100 euros.

  • Jobs in Latvia. Painter

    Painter (ship repair / steel structures)
    1400 € per month
    has experience working as a painter for metal structures and / or in ship repair;
    knows how to work independently;
    hardworking and responsible.
    Working conditions:
    stable work on modern equipment;
    social guarantees;
    dormitory accommodation compensation;
    official employment and registration of the necessary documents;
    free hot lunches (soup).
    Work schedule: sliding: 3/3; the duration of the shift is 8-10 hours.
    cleaning and painting of vessels with a length of 70-150 meters – work at docks and at the berth, in tanks and at height;
    painting of metal structures in accordance with international standards ISO, Norsok, AMA and others.

  • Work in Latvia. Brush cutters for pruning bushes

    Brush cutters for pruning bushes
    1000-1200 Euro
    Lumberjacks are also needed
    Work throughout Latvia
    Requirements: knowledge of the Russian language, physically strong. Experience in forestry, work as a brush cutter and trimmer is required. Age under 40
    Responsibilities: caring for a young forest, clarification, sawing bushes under power lines, gas lines. Working with a brush cutter and trimmer. The norm per month is 15 hectares.
    Work schedule: 5-6 days a week, 8 hours a day. 160 to 190 hours per month.
    Salary: 5-6 euros per hour net, 1000 – 1200 euros net per month.
    Accommodation is provided by the employer. Apartments for 2-3 people per room, all amenities
    Consideration of candidates on the basis of a resume and an interview with an employer.
    Employment in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Registration: a visa with the right to work for 180 days, after a probationary period of 3 months, the employer issues a residence permit for a period of 1 year for further contract extension.