Work in Lithuania

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  • Work in Lithuania

    Warehouse worker

    Salary: 1600 euros

    Responsibilities: sorting and packing of products in cardboard boxes on waybills, work with the scanner, work with the stacker.
    Additional requirements: experience with a stacker. Age: 25-50 years old men
    Education: secondary special, permission to operate a forklift is welcome
    Hourly rate from 5.5 to 7.5 euros per hour, depending on experience, skills and quality of work performed
    Payments by card or net (optional) monthly until the 25th
    Opening hours: 10 hours a day from 08:00 to 18:00. 6 days work, 1 day off. 30 minute lunch break. Possibility of additional income due to processing

    Living conditions:
    3-bed rooms, free WI-FI, microwave, washing machine, kitchen, all amenities for normal rest after work. Housing at the expense of the employee 100 euros per month less deductions from wages.

    Meals: At your own expense, it is possible to order lunch at the company – the cost is 3 euros.

    Additional information:
    An advance payment is provided upon arrival of the employee, in 10 days
    Overalls are issued

  • Job in Lithuania. Linen thread

    Women are required to make linen thread. Lithuania
    Salary: 900 – 1000 Euro
    Job description
    Women up to the age of 45 are urgently needed to make linen thread.

    It is necessary to monitor the equipment and load products on the line.

    Work schedule: 3 shifts of 10:00 5 working days, it is possible to work overtime.

    Salary: a rate of 600 euros + the possibility of alterations (4 euros per hour), receive up to 1000 euros.

  • Vacancy in Lithuanian. Interior builders

    Interior builders, we open a Lithuanian annual work visa free of charge
    Location: Lithuania, Vilnius
    Salary: 1200 – 1500 euros
    Job description
    We are looking for builders – station wagons in Lithuania (Vilnius):

    Painters and others.

    Official employment.
    Responsibilities: Interior decoration of the entire room

    Salary – rate from 1200-1500 euros / net
    (all detailed information / prices by phone)
    200+ working hours per month
    Accommodation: comfortable living conditions with all amenities (in a room for 2-3 people) – 120 euros per month (payment for accommodation).

    Age from 18 to 58 years;
    Good physical shape;
    Work experience from 1 year;
    Diligence, conscientiousness and desire to work;
    We provide all the necessary tools.
    Long-term work on large facilities.

  • Job in Lithuania. Electrician

    Electrician to Lithuania – from 1200 euros
    Job description
    Arrival by biometrics, the employer reimburses the costs!

    We offer:
    (knowledge of a foreign language is not required);
    schedule: 5-6 days a week for 10-12 hours;
    net salary 5 euros / hour, no probationary period (1200-1600 euros per month);
    accommodation in an apartment (100−120 euros per month): 2-3 people in a room, there is a washing machine, Wi-Fi;
    issuance of documents for work, working equipment.
    Job description: complex performance of electrical work on a group of objects: installation of cable networks, installation of electric lighting, etc.

  • Work in Lithuania. The production of blinds and blinds

    The production of blinds and blinds is 4.2 Euro per year.
    Location: Lithuania, Kaunas
    Salary: 4.2 EUR per year

    The plant for the production of blinds and blinds.
    For women, choloviks and family couples up to 45 years.
    Dosvid is not oboving.
    Pracevlashtuvannya on a biometric passport with the possibility of a given pracevlashtuvannya in the Lithuanian state.
    You are welcome to prasevlashtuvannya in polish visi.

    The observatory includes the servants of cars. Installation of blinds, roller blinds. Packing ready-made virobes.
    Without shkidlivy calls, the physical form is good, that is healthy, vitrified.
    Payment for payment: 4,2 EUR / per year. In the month of 220-240 years.
    Accommodation: livelihood, payment 120 €