Work in Romania

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  • Work in Romania. Chocolate factory

    Date of publication: February 2, 2020
    Location: Romania
    Packer / handyman at a chocolate factory.

    Wages are HIGH !!!! Requirements: Neat hands and willingness to work. Convenient schedule (different options: 5 / 2.2 | 2 or watch). Work experience does not matter….

  • Work in Romania. Loader driver

    Loader driver
    Location: Romania
    Salary: 1100-1300 Euro
    Vacancy description
    The Romanian company Egger, which manufactures wood-based materials (OSB, fiberboard, MDF), is looking for Forklift drivers in Radauti, Romania.


    Load and unload vehicles and containers;
    Operate the loader in accordance with the production safety;
    Check the truck before and after work to ensure safety;
    Keep equipment clean;
    Organize warehouse accounting of electronic equipment.

    Forklift driver’s license;
    2 years of experience as a forklift driver;
    Knowledge of English or Romanian at an intermediate level.
    Working conditions:

    Official employment;
    Permanent place of work abroad;
    Accommodation (2 people per room);
    Shuttle service to work;
    Shift work schedule 5/2.

  • Vacancies in Romania. Workers to pack Greenfield tea

    Wanted workers to pack Greenfield tea

    Employer requirements:

    – Men, women, couples
    – Age from 18 to 60
    – It is possible without work experience
    – Knowledge of the language is encouraged (but not required)
    – Desire to work and earn
    – Responsibility and punctuality.
    Duties of the worker:
    – Defect control of the quality of manufactured products)
    – Packaging of finished products
    – Sticking, barcode scanning
    Working conditions:
    – Official employment
    – Salary 12.2 euros per hour, net
    – Work schedule 5 days for 8-10 hours a day + part-time jobs
    – Housing is provided by the employer free of charge (with all conveniences: kitchen, bathroom, shower, WiFi)
    – Work uniform and shoes are provided by the employer
    – The factory has a canteen where you can eat inexpensively (tea, coffee for free).

  • Vacancy in Romania. Waiter

    Salary: 800 – 1000 € / month
    Position: Waiter
    Gender: Male / Female
    Age: From 20 years
    Work experience: No work experience

    Duties of the waiter

    serve visitors at the table;
    to serve solemn and special receptions;
    set tables;
    provide qualified advice to the visitor in the choice of food and beverages.
    Working conditions

    official employment;
    salary 800 – 1000 € / month;
    hotel accommodation;
    food at your own expense.

    Hours 8-12 hours, 5-6 days a week. Official employment, free accommodation. Knowledge of English.

  • Work in Romania. Security guard


    Salary: From 800-1100 € / month
    Position: Security guard
    Gender: Male
    Age: Up to 40 years
    Work experience: From 1 to 3 years
    The work of a security guard in Romania

    The responsibilities of the security guard include: control over the entry and exit of vehicles, import and export of material resources, maintenance of public order, prevention of unauthorized persons on the site.

    Working conditions

    official employment;
    salary from 800-1100 € / month;
    accommodation will help to find, on average, from 100 euros / month;
    food at the expense of the employer.

    Stress-resistant, punctuality, honesty, observation, without alcohol and drug addiction.

  • Job in Romania. Shaper of reinforced concrete products

    Vacancy status: Active
    Country: Romania
    Branch: Production
    Salary: 1200 € / month
    Position: Shaper of reinforced concrete products
    Gender: Male
    Age: up to 45 years
    Work experience: From 1 to 3 years
    Work for the formation of reinforced concrete structures in Romania
    Work for the shaper of reinforced concrete products on production in the city of Slatina. Formation of reinforced concrete products of simple and medium complexity.


    Concreting of simple concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures. Formation of products and designs, installation of mortgage details and assembly loops.

    Moving reinforcing mesh, frames, embedded parts and mounting hinges with their laying in the form. Leveling of concrete mix.

    Preparation and assembly of technological form, work with drawings.

    Working conditions

    salary payment from 1200 € / month;
    official employment;
    issuance of overalls;
    accommodation is provided by the employer free of charge.

    Readiness for physical labor and lifting heavy objects. Knowledge of the technology of manufacturing reinforced concrete structures. Observance of safety rules. Without bad habits.