Jobs in Poland. Gelliwe trademark – produces a wide range of jellies, puddings, cocoa.

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Gelliwe trademark – produces a wide range of jellies, puddings, cocoa. All production takes place in clean rooms and high quality standards. The company’s products are made without preservatives and dyes.


men, women, couples;
age from 18 to 55;
open visa from 5 months
If you do not have a work visa, our company will prepare for you the entire package of documents for submission to the visa center
a desire to work.

official employment;
rate 13.90 zł (net)
work 12 hours a day;
5 working days

men work in production: adding ingredients
work in a warehouse;
women packing packs in boxes;
packing boxes into boxes;
product labeling
maintaining a clean workplace;

in a room for 2 people;
married couples, if possible, are provided with a separate room;
accommodation with all amenities (bathroom, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, electric kettle)
free travel to work (10-20 minutes).
In Poland, you will be met by our coordinator who will help you with registration, opening a bank account, and settling.

The advantages of working with us:

We work officially, we have a license from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine;
On the job market for more than 4 years, we work only with trusted and reliable employers;
We conclude a bilateral legal agreement on the provision of services, we accept all payments only to the bank account of the company;
Our company has a representative office in three countries: Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic.