Job positions in Czech Republic. Cable plant

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Work in the Czech Republic, cable plant
Salary: 1100-1300 euros
Vacancy description
Work experience is not required.
Location: Prague and other cities.
Requirements: men, women (married couples, up to 55 years old).
Payment: 90/110 CZK per hour.
Work schedule: 12 hours a day (6 days a week).
Housing – provided by the employer free of charge.
Responsibilities: bundling cables, assembling chips, checking quality, packaging.
We guarantee:
-Direct contract with the customer;
-Completely legal employment under a contract and a work visa;
-Reliable and proven employers;
-Payment for labor in full;
-Medical insurance;
-Support throughout the entire period of work;

Provided by the employer free of charge.
Comfortable conditions, accommodation for 2-4 people in rooms