Work in Sweden. Builders

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We need builders, tile laying masters, as well as carpenters.
Location: Sweden, Gothenburg
Salary: 2000-2700 €
The works are carried out in the private sector.
The work consists in a complete renovation of the bathroom (demolition of old tiles, plasterboard, installation of new plasterboard, plastering, insulation, installation of tiles).
Room 4m + 2 on the floor in the main.
Tile and plasterboard masters required!
We pay 800-1000 € for a room on hand upon completion of work. You need to make at least 2 bathrooms per month!
Calculation upon completion of work.
Carpenters. They work in the private sector. Private house renovation, rebuilding construction.
Carpenters with experience in building timber houses are required.
Salary 8-9 € per hour for hands. Calculation every 7-10 days.
We provide free accommodation in an apartment + transport to the workplace.