Work for a mixer / feeder driver on a farm in Estonia

Write !!!ONLY!!! on WhatsApp: +380983703413 (Director) ; +380967512690 (Consultant) ; +380682302486 (Advertising department. Does not provide advice.) ;

Salary: 600 € / month

male from 20 to 50 years old
Knowledge of the language is not required.

Work for the mixer / feed wagon driver on the farm Looking for mixer / feed wagon drivers on the farm to feed the animals.

Work as a mixer / feeder driver, feed the animals daily with a self-propelled mixer.
Carry out repair work on the tractor as needed.

Working conditions
wages from 600 € / month;
official employment;
work schedule for 8 hours / day;
accommodation, about 10 km from work;
offer, competitive reward.

Driver’s license. Purposeful, non-drinking, punctual.