Work for a janitor on the territory of production in Latvia

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Salary: 800 € / month
Latvia, city of Kuldiga
For men and women from 20 to 55 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Cleaning of the territory adjacent to the production building;
Grass mowing in summer, foliage harvesting in autumn, snow removal in winter;
Cleaning of the external territory; painting of borders, mowing of lawns, shrubs;
Territory cleaning (maintain order during the day);
Collection and transportation of garbage and waste to the designated place, garbage loading;
Cleaning of technical rooms.

Working conditions
wages – 800 € / month;
work in the city of Kuldiga;
official employment;
issue of workwear;
accommodation in a hostel.
Visa requirements

Knowledge of the technology of cleaning the territory. Responsible attitude to work. Without bad habbits.