Work for a molder of concrete products in a production facility in Jelgava

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Salary: 1100 € / month
Latvia, city of Jelgava
For men from 24 to 48 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Cleaning, lubrication and assembly of molds, laying in the mold of finished reinforcing meshes, frames, embedded parts. Filling the mold with concrete, compacting the concrete.

Slinging of products and transportation to heat treatment chambers. Disassembling products and transporting them to the place of processing or in a stack.

Working conditions
salary payment from 1100 € / month;
official employment;
overalls are issued;
accommodation is provided by the employer.
Work visa requirements

Knowledge of the device and the principle of operation of the equipment used. Method and rules for laying reinforcement, the order of filling forms. Be physically healthy