Handyman at a car factory in Croatia

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700-1000 Euro / month
Accommodation: Free

Men under 50.

Work in the production of auto parts CIMOS d.d
Handymen in different areas of the enterprise:
quality control
work in foundries

The location of the enterprise is 55 minutes from the town of Rijeka (one of the largest Croatian resorts).

Long-term employment in Croatia (a year or more).

Salary (on hand) 700 euros initial + motivation, salary on hand goes up to 1000 euros + Free housing + one lunch.

Internship and training 2-3 weeks.

Work schedule: 4 shift work schedule (2 days in the morning, 2 days in the afternoon, 2 days at night, 2 days off), 6 hour shifts.

There may be overtime hours, they are paid + 45% to the regular rate.

Accommodation: hostels, houses. Rooms for 2 people The conditions are all there. Kitchen for 10 people

Important! Order with documents, work for people who did not have problems with the legislation of the Schengen countries.