Vacancy for an employee at the warehouse of the Rohlik online store in the Czech Republic

Write only on WhatsApp: +380682302486 +380967512690 ;

Salary: 100 CZK / hour
Czech. Prague city
For men and women from 18 to 40 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Collection of orders for invoices: bread, vegetables, fruits, chocolate, water, etc.

Accept orders for a special scanner (tablet and order in Russian). Collect this order into a basket, pack it into a bag, glue a barcode on the bag and send it by courier.

Working conditions
wages 100 CZK / hour. Advance payment in the amount of 1000 CZK weekly;
official employment;
work schedule: 10-14 working hours a day. Work in day and night shifts, seven days a week. Weekends by appointment only;
meals at your own expense;
accommodation 4800 kroons per month is deducted from the salary. Separate rooms are provided for couples. Rooms with all conveniences: Wi-Fi, bed, dining table, wardrobe, shared kitchen for 3-4 rooms, shower room with hot and cold water and toilet on the floor.

Responsible attitude to work. Desire to work and earn. Without bad habbits.