We are looking for weaving machine operators in a production facility in Olomouc

Write only on WhatsApp: +380682302486 +380967512690 ; trustyjob.com@gmail.com

Salary: 895 € / month
Czech. Olomouc city
For men and women from 19 to 47 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Thread the needle. Supervise the work of weaving machines in the production of high quality fabrics.

The fabric is the base material for sports and special wear.

Working conditions
salary 895 € / month, supplement 55 € for the second and third shift;
60 € for a food card (can be used in shops);
a production bonus of 270 € every semester;
official employment;
work schedule: 5 days a week for 8 hours / day, 3 shifts;
overtime is paid additionally;
work clothes are issued;
accommodation is free, provided by the employer. Rooms for 2-3 people. Conditions are good, there is everything you need, each room has a TV (only Polish channels).

Friendly team. Responsible attitude to work. Without bad habbits.