We need workers for the production of chocolate and confectionery products in the city of Warsaw

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Salary: PLN 12 / hour
Poland. Warsaw city
For men and women from 19 to 55 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Working with dough and raw materials, preparing food components and blanks. Packing, packaging. Loading Unloading.
Maintenance of cars, machinery and equipment, cleaning, etc.

Working conditions
wages 12 PLN net / hour. A large number of working hours. An employee receives an average of 3500 PLN net / month;
official registration;
work schedule 10 – 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, night shifts, 250 – 320 hours a month. Additional hours if desired;
food at the enterprise;
hostel accommodation – 120 PLN per person per week (the employee pays himself, every week, in advance), or 20 PLN per day per person. 4 – 7 people per room, all amenities;
it is possible to stay in a hostel in a higher standard for 600 PLN per month per person, payment in advance to the hostel owner.

You can do it without the need to tell the robot. Tidying up the working mission. The prevalence of addiction to alcohol.