Work at the Eissmann Automotive Slovensko car plant in Slovakia

Write !!!ONLY!!! on WhatsApp: +380983703413 (Director) ; +380967512690 (Consultant) ; +380682302486 (Advertising department. Does not provide advice.) ;

Salary: 4 € / hour
Slovakia. Golice
For men and women from 18 to 50 years old.
Knowledge of the language – spoken English.

Job: for physically healthy men, women and couples!
Job type: permanent job.
Profession name: Production operator.
Age: 18-55
Work description:
-Conveyor: pulling leather on car seats and armrests! Also, upholstery of leather parts for the car interior! Production quality control!
Salary – 3.7 – 4 € / hour NET !!! Bet + bonuses.
ADVANCE 1 time / month – 50 € !!!
Accommodation – free (conditions are good), in a room for 2-3 people, internet, washing machines, kitchen.
Couples – Live SEPARATELY!
Meals are at your own expense.
The plant provides workers with footwear and gloves. For the first time you need your own clothes.
Travel from Work to Housing is free !!
Work schedule: from Mon-Fri, 8-12 h / in 3 shifts.