Working at a car factory – one of the largest manufacturers of auto parts CIMOS d.d.

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1000 – 1100 euros / month

The employer makes a work permit and contract for 1 year.
Documents in work 30-50 days.
Only for men under the age of 45.
The work consists in the acquisition of auto parts, quality control and polishing. The salary for the first month is 700 euros because it takes 2 weeks to train.
Subsequent months 1000 – 1100 euros. Accommodation is free. LUNCH is free. Work from 8:00 6 days a week 2 days in the morning, 2 days in the afternoon, 2 days night shift. Then 2 days off. Accommodation hostel, at home / 2 people per room. There are all conditions. This is a long-term job for 1 year with the possibility of migration both personally and with the family. The company transports transport to work to the house. The road to Croatia is at the employer’s expense.